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Date:  April 7, 2019

Historic Cocoa Village and Riverfront Park

Ah yes another day in paradise.  And with no good reason to really get up, ok, forget that Marti is already asking to go out.  No complaints since he doesn’t do his business in the rig.  Out the door and off for a walk we went.

Now 7 am and it is already time to turn the AC on.  I discovered it is more efficient to turn it on before it gets really hot in the afternoon.  This way it has a chance to cool off the walls, ceiling, etc. so it doesn’t have to labor later bringing the temperature down from the mid 80’s or higher.

Time for breakfast.  On the menu this morning was French Toast covered with Hot Pepper Jelly, fried Spam, a glass of Orange Juice, and a specialty coffee.  Just what I needed to kick-start my system and get it into high gear.

Then it was over to the pool.  Yes, they have a very nice heated pool here and though I don’t normally go swimming I did today.  What’s nice, no kids running around, screaming, splashing water and so on.  Think maybe I’m getting older?  Very refreshing and great for exercising the knees.

Time to catch up.  Over the last several days along with everything else we’ve been doing we’ve taken time to also explore Historic Cocoa Village and Riverfront Park.  First up,


Historic Cocoa Village, the downtown core of the City of Cocoa, was first settled in the mid 1800s and has evolved into one of Brevard County’s finest shopping and entertainment districts and  a popular destination for those coming either by car or by boat.  If you are coming by car this is the main drag that takes you thru the center of town


If coming by boat this is the Cocoa anchorage on the Indian River.  It has a minimum depth of 6 feet and room for just about any size vessel.



This gentleman had just returned from town and was transferring his goods from his dinghy to his boat.


Back to the village now and some of the delightful sights we discovered and experienced.  How about some really colorful park benches.

Yup, I found my turtle!

We also discovered some colorful murals covering the sides of several buildings.




There were any number of unique shops.


The price tag on this little one was I believe $169.00.  Out of our budget.






Then we came to the best of the best IMHO.


On watch out front.


The official name of this store is the Antilles Trading Company. This shop offers the finest in maritime antiquities, well-appointed historical clothing, refined nautical furnishing as well as a grand collection of meticulously curated treasures. They We are stuffed from keel to gunwales with treasures from the high seas.

During my time in the store I met the owner of this fabulous shop and spent over an hour talking with and listening to her as she described her shop and talked about her life and travels.  I discovered that she holds a captain’s license.  She travels the world over to collect pirate log books, artifacts, clothing, weapons, navigational instruments and so much more.  What an honor it was to meet her and listen to her as she talked about her passion for all things pirate.





As we finished our conversation she shared with me that she will be converting a store to a museum probably by June of this year.  Her plans are to include a number of interactive displays among everything else.

Finally, here are a few more displays that I discovered there.



A jolly good pirate!


The captain’s cabin.


There is so much, much more here.  If you ever come to Cocoa put it on your must see list and you will not be disappointed!

Time to move down the block to Taylor and Riverfront Park.  Taylor Park is a small park that comes first.  Behind it and stretching along the water front is Riverfront Park.


Riverfront Park in combination with Taylor Parks gives the public permanent access to a delightful place to relax right in the middle of downtown Cocoa.

There is a large green space.


There is an outdoor amphitheater.


Alongside the theater I discovered this.  Don’t think I’ll be around for the opening of this.


Within the park you can take a nap.


Have a birthday picnic party.


Kids can play in the water fountains.


Kids of all ages of course!


You can catch a tan.


Bottom line, the village and the park are great places to visit.  Do so, you’ll never regret it.

We’re now up to date on The Road of Retirement.  Update, since Barbara is back on her insulin she is feeling so much better.  We’ve been having a wonderful time these last several days and are ever so grateful for the days we’ve had and the fantastic discoveries we’ve made.  More to come, but today it’s back to the pool now.

Thanks for joining us as we journey along.  We always enjoy your company.  Pool time, till tomorrow.

These are the voyages of  Graybeard and it’s occupants, four paws and two humans.  Our continuing mission: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have not been before

See you on down the road




  1. We loved that area also. Beautiful murals and we found the people to be very friendly. That was one big kid playing in the water and Barbara behind those Foster Grants. You two are blessed to be living a dream. Enjoy!!


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