Home Is Where We Park It:  Suwannee River State Park

Date:  April 23, 2019

Travel Day

Time to pack up and move west.  This is the day we’ve been looking forward to for so long.  We finally feel like we are really on the move and going places.  Yet, we were in no rush this morning since our trip was an easy one of only about three hours.   We finished packing up what we hadn’t put away the night before.  We have a good division of labor that we’ve perfected with more than one move.  Barbara works on the inside and I assist when necessary.  On the other hand I have the primary responsibility for seeing that things are put away outside.  When we were finished this time we took the time to go over our check off list to make sure nothing was left to do and nothing would be left behind.  Houston we have a go for jacks up and wheels a’rolling.

We chose to take the scenic route and avoid 95 and Jacksonville all together.  We took Route 16, Route 301, Route 10 and then Route 90 to the park.  All the roads were in good shape, traffic was light the whole way, and the day itself was picture perfect.  This route was, indeed, the right choice.

Soon enough we saw the sign that told us we had arrived at our new home.

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This park was among the first parks to become part of the Florida State Park system. An original 300 acres was purchased in 1936. The park now has more than 1800 acres in three counties: Suwannee, Madison, and Hamilton.  Further research revealed that we had missed a good deal of the history of this park on our first visit.  We don’t intend to make that mistake again this time.

After checking in at the ranger station we made our way to our site.  The roads are paved, but narrow so slow is the operative word.


Twisting and turning this way and that we slowly made our way to our new home.  Here we are, site #20


The site is hard packed sand, and by moving back and forth, left and right I was finally able to find a spot where we were perfectly level.   I usually look for – when I can – the tracks of the rig before me to get a rough idea of where most people park on a site.  Once again this tactic worked like a charm.  Utilities are right where they should be, 50 amp, FHU, and again the price is right at only $11 a night.  Can’t beat that!

We did note one problem, trees everywhere, full shade 360 degrees.  Great for keeping down the temperature within Graybeard on a hot summer day.  So what’s the problem with that?  Would Gertrude be able to find a satellite?  Would we be able to watch our two favorite shows – Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune?  I know, what a colossal problem!

I crossed my fingers, looked for holes in the canopy, checked with the satellite finder app on my phone, discovered what I thought was a promising spot, and when I found a hole I set up Gertrude on her table and crossed my fingers.


Again and again it failed to find a signal, then just like that we had TV!  I don’t know how it found a satellite and I really don’t care I’m just happy it’s working.  At least tonight it is.

I was just finishing up setting up everything outside when this pulled in across from us.


The three wheeled vehicle in front is called a Slingshot.  It’s powered by a Chevy four cylinder DOHC engine putting out 173 HP.  How I would like to take a ride in this beast.  The trailer in the back is an Escapade Trailpass trailer – google it you’ll be amazed at what it offers.  So Jim is retired, is wife is not, thus he roams the country with other friends who have similar setups passing the time away.  He did share with me that once his wife retires, this will definitely give way to a class A.

That was our day on The Road of Retirement.  We enjoyed the trip and with it the promise of new things waiting to be discovered.  We still have more to share with you regarding our trip to St. Augustine which we we will do in a day or two.

Thanks again for coming along with us.  We always enjoy your company.  Till tomorrow, have a good night’s sleep.

These are the voyages of  Graybeard and it’s occupants, four paws and two humans.  Our continuing mission: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have not been before

See you on down the road




  1. The park looks like a nice park and $11 really makes it appealing. Glad Gertrude was able to pull in Jeopardy because it is exciting right now. That looks like quite the beast across from you. They do look like alot of fun but we’ll keep the RV. Have a great time in this area and I’m anxious to see what you two will get into. Good Night!😴💤


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