Places We Have Called Home In 2019

Home Is Where We Park It:   Casino del Sol RV Park

Oct 31, 2019

Temperature 74 degrees

A Rewarding Experience

Travel Day

Today it was time to say to all our new friends We’ll see you on down the road.  Yes, we’re moving on.  On to new experiences, new sights and sounds, and on to new adventures.

The last three weeks have been intense, tiring, exhausting but so very fulfilling and rewarding.  I would like to believe that through our efforts others will be helped in a positive way.  One thing we learned the hard way and are just now realizing, never ever in the future plan back to back NOMAD Projects like we have done!  Sure we could cancel the next two months but we are not about to.  What’s the old saying in for a penny in for a pound. We’ll give it our all the next two months and then just sleep our way through the month of January – until that is we start all over again with another NOMADS project!

Our team was the greatest.  Each and every member was so special in their own way.  Each has enriched our lives in immeasurable ways.  We learned a lot, we grew a lot, we had a wonderful time working side by side with them.  I’m sure somewhere down the road we may work with them again.  It would be an honor and a privilege to do so.


Today we rolled a little further down The Road of Retirement.  We didn’t have far to go and we couldn’t check in until 11:30 am so there was absolutely no rush to get out.  We took our time and finally got on the road around 11 am.   Thirty minutes later we were at our new home – Casino del Sol RV Park.  For many, many, many years you were able to park for free in the Casino parking lot.  No more.  It’s the RV Park now or not at all.  I guess they also ticked off a number of people who used to come here for free because though this park has 73 sites there are only 15 rigs here.  Remember, this is high season.


About the RV Park.  Look at their web site and you go Wow!  You look and you say what a beautiful park with shade trees and shrubs between each site.  Well, reality is a bit different.  Let’s just say the artist had an over-active imagination.  This is the reality, if you can find a tree or a shrub anywhere you’ve got better eyes than me!


That’s not to say it’s a bad place to let one’s jacks down.  It’s just not what you are led to expect.  Registration is on the left as you enter.  Too bad there is no place to park why you go into the office.  You just leave it in the road and hope no one runs in to it.  Registration is also an interesting experience.  This is their first year and they don’t quite have it all together yet.


Here is our site, it’s a paved pull through but just long enough for the rig.  The car has to go across the front. Our orientation is not perfect since we’ll have the sun on the refrigerator during the morning.  At least it is only the morning when it is usually fairly cool.  Forget using the awning, not with the winds around here.


 Thankfully, our site is level and all utilities are convenient to the utility bay.  Gertrude (see her in the back)  is happy since there is not a leaf in sight to obstruct her view of the Southern Sky.  Within minutes we had her set up and were pulling in all of our favorite TV channels.


Now the view?  Once again we are surrounded by beautiful and majestic mountains.  I never tire looking at them.  I keep saying, someday in someway I’d like to go to the top of them.


So here we are for the next couple of days.  Tomorrow we have sight seeing planned.  Saturday we leave for Phoenix for our next NOMADS Project.  As for today, we’re just hanging around the homestead letting our sore muscles relax.  I wonder, if I ever get a new rig can I get one with a hot tub in it?

That was our day on Road of Retirement.  An easy travel day and a day of rest and relaxation.  Yeah!  We continue to take each day as it comes and each day we give thanks to the good Lord for every minute of every one that we are given to live to the fullest.

Thanks for checking in with us today.  We always appreciate your company and your comments.  Catch you again tomorrow.

These are the voyages of  Graybeard and it’s two intrepid travelers.  Our continuing mission: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have never been before

See you on down the road!






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