Places We Have Called Home In 2020

Home Is Where We Park It:   Rancho Rialto RV Resort, Yuma

February 20, 2020

Temperature 87 Degrees

Transferring License Plates – Oh My Goodness The Pain Florida Inflicts

The Great Transformation Continues – New Hot Water Heater

With high hopes and great expectations that our journey involving the transfer of our plates was about to be resolved we packed Elvira up and drove her to DMV.

Once there they came out and did a Level One Inspection, verified the VIN and Odometer reading and signed the appropriate forms.  Then it was back home to grab the rest of the forms and overnight them to Florida.  Thankfully, before we did this Barbara made yet another call to Florida to verify that we had everything in order.

It was at that point in time I believe we both lost it.  The state of Florida informed us that what they told us yesterday was not what was needed today.  I believe if I could have reached through the phone I would have strangled someone.  Nope, they said, we will not accept that form.  You need a sheriffs deputy to verify both or you need a letter from a dealer on their letterhead verifying both.  Well, the sheriff’s department in Arizona does not do this.  We called several dealers and they refused to help us out.

Now what?  Would we have to drive back to Florida to get this done?  It was fast coming to that.


It was at that point in time I said to Barbara Come on, we’re going to harass every dealer in Yuma until we get someone to help us.  This is the first place we stopped.  This is where we found the answer.  The owner Don said Just get Arizona plates and then when you get to Florida transfer them back.  Everyone from out of state does it.  In addition you will not have to pay any sales tax.


Elvira is now registered in Arizona.  This state doesn’t care what address you use.  Pick any RV park and use that one.  We used the address of the park we are in.  We paid our small registration fee and in turn saved ourselves over three thousand dollars in the process.  Now how sweet is that!  Mind you, we started at 8 am in the morning and finally at 3 pm the issue was at last resolved.  We truly believe that the good Lord led us to Don and we are so grateful that He did.

Back home

Image result for hughs bully dog surge protector

We received an email informing us that our surge protector had been delivered by FedX.  Of course it was no where to be found.  I loathe FedX since I find them incompetent and uncaring.  In the past every delivery I’ve had through them has been fraught with problems.  Once again the same now.  Barbara called and asked about it, their answer We’ll get back to you in two to three days.  Once again if I could have reached through the phone I would have strangled the person on the other end.  This day was not going all that well.  A surge protector is something I consider essential and to not have it leaves me with an uncomfortable feeling.  Especially since I’m going to be away for a week.


Then something did go right.  Ron called to let me know that he was on the way over


to install the new hot water heater.  Did we really need one?  You be the judge.


All that white stuff on the ground are calcium deposits that came out of the old water heater.  It was caked so full of it that we had a hard time actually draining the old unit.  Furthermore, the anode rod was as thin as a pencil.  Oh yes, it had definitely seen better days.


Ron and his wife Shelly installing the new unit.


The new unit on its way in.


Putting the water lines back on and checking for leaks.  We’re all good.  In addition Ron checked and tightened all the other water lines running every which way under the sink.  The man is thorough.  We now have better water pressure than ever before.  First major project complete.

Now if we could just locate the surge protector.  The cracked sky light over the shower is due in any day.  Thankfully, that will be delivered to Ron’s shop so we don’t have to worry about it getting lost.

We’re getting there.  The next big project will be the replacement of the refrigerator.  That is, as expected, causing all of us a few headaches.  We’ll get it figured out.  Through the door, maybe through a window.

That was our weird, wacky, I want to scream day on The Road of Retirement.  I have no issues with the problems and upgrades because I expected them.  It’s the other stuff like the transfer of the plates that makes us want to pull our hair out.  Florida is not at all helpful to RV’ers.  All the more reason we both said that we will one day make Yuma our permanent place of residence.  This area is really growing on us.

Thanks again for checking in with us.  We appreciate your company and your comments.  Catch you tomorrow.

These are the voyages of  Elvira and it’s two intrepid travelers.  Our continuing mission: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have never been before

See you on down the road!


  1. OK now it’s time to calm down. You’ll have a heart attack from the stress that you are carrying. It will get done. I’m dealing with the IRS and the Veterans Administration for my Aunt and it is frustrating also, but there isn’t alot I can do but keep trying and wait. It will eventually come together just as yours will. Take a breath, this should be fun.


  2. Hey Nomad friends, now you have us checking our water heater and other things. In all the issues, I think it is patience God is teaching all of us. Stay safe and we will check in with you soon.


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