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March 17, 2020

Temperature 74 Degrees

New Refrigerator Install – Day One

This morning at 8 am there was a knock on our door.  It was one of the tech’s there to inform us that they were going to begin the process of installing the new refrigerator today.  Well, how about that.  We didn’t expect to see anything happen until Friday at the earliest.  Excited?  You bet we were!

Almost immediately after that


this truck rolled into the parking lot.  Could it be the delivery of our new refrigerator?


It was indeed our new Samsung Refrigerator.


Here it is.  All bright and shinning in stainless steel.  A Samsung French Door model with the freezer on the bottom.  It is 17 cubic feet, a big increase over what we currently have.


Soon after deconstruction began on the outside.  The propane line was disconnected – it will eventually be capped off.  The electric plugs were pulled – a new 120 volt outlet will be installed later.


Inside another tech began removing the doors on the Norcold.


Out the front door the doors and other pieces came one by one.


On the cart and off to the dumpster go the old parts.


Finally it was time to pull the old one out.  It’s amazing how easy it slides out.


Out of its home of the last fifteen years.


Once it was out I checked and found no signs of charring nor any burnt insulation.  That dark color in the one corner is just a lot of dirt.  The tech’s told me that they’ve pulled some out and found signs of burnt insulation and wood indicating that those refrigerators were a fire waiting to happen.




Outside the new refrigerator was being prepared to to go into Elvira.  They remove the doors, and just about everything else.  I was told it is just so much easier to do it this way.  I’m sure glad I don’t have to remember where everything goes.

The question in my mind was How do you get the old out and the new in?


The answer is – in and out the driver’s side window!


In addition you lean the driver’s side seat as far back as it will go.


Working on removing the window.


The window is out, now where is that old Norcold.


The Norcold on its way out.


On the forklift and off to the dumpster.


Now its time to pass the Samsung through the window.




Up, up and in it goes.  Two on the outside, and two inside.


Inside Elvira and ready to be installed – which will happen tomorrow.  Tonight we sit and stare at it.  And Barbara dreams of all the food she can store in it!


So how to do you make the Samsung fit in the spot intended for it?  The depth is not a problem.  The width is also not an issue.  The height is the problem.  The answer?  Remove the existing floor that the refrigerator sat on and lower it.  It can be lowered a good eight inches without a problem.  All you need is an inch of clearance between the furnace and the floor.


The new floor waiting to be installed.  A new grill that goes in front of the furnace will also have to be made.  The water line for the ice maker will have to be capped off.  The devil is in the details and so far the tech’s here are doing an excellent job.  Stay tuned for the finished install tomorrow.


This is where we spent our day while everything else was going on around us.  We like to think of it as hanging out on the patio.  It was a beautiful day with moderate temperatures and abundant sunshine.  A perfect day to be outside.

That was our very interesting day on The Road of Retirement.  As I watched them worked I asked myself Could I have done this myself?  I believe the answer is yes and no.  Yes if I had four very willing friends to help.  Yes if I had a full wood working workshop.  Yes if I had about a week to figure everything out.  Either that or a really good Youtube Video of a similar install.  Bottom line no this is not something that I would have wanted to tackle myself.  I’m more than happy to leave it to those who have done it numerous times before, who have all the right tools, and who know the in’s and out’s of such a project.

Hope you enjoyed your time with us today.  Maybe it will inspire you to tackle some project you’ve been putting off for a long time.  Come on back tomorrow and we’ll share the finished results.  As always, keep the comments and suggestions coming.  Till tomorrow.

These are the voyages of  Elvira and it’s two intrepid travelers.  Our continuing mission: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have never been before.

See you on down the road!






  1. Looking good!!! Where is your food while you wait for the new install? I’m glad you didn’t tackle this and left it up to the experts. Barbara looks happy.


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