Places We Have Called Home In 2020

Home Is Where We Park It – Escapees North Ranch, Congress, Arizona

April 13, 2020

Temperature 65 Degrees

For Some People It Is All About Them, Forget Everyone Else

Today’s Project

Walk A Bout, Continued

Yesterday on RV Village there was a post from an individual slamming North Ranch, the park we are in.  This young lady was furious that they would not give her a site for two weeks instead of the month which is the norm now.  She stated that the park and Escapees management were just trying to make money off of her, that they were totally insensitive to her needs.  Well, a number of us pressed her as to why she wanted to stay only two weeks.  Finally, she admitted I’m continuing to travel where and when I want, all this talk about a virus is just so much fake news.  Sound familiar?  My final reply to her was in essence I’m glad they won’t let you stay, we really don’t want you here.  Who knows where she has been already?  Maybe a virus hot spot?  Some people are just so self-centered with no regard for others.  Unfortunately, that’s the attitude that’s been modeled for us by all to many in leadership positions.  How tragic.


One project on the docket today.  This is the slide motor for the drivers side bedroom slide.  It’s a 1/15 horsepower electric motor that drives a shaft (red and white wire running underneath) that drives a cog wheel off to the left (not visible) that meshes with a rail with holes that then moves the slide in and out.  Simple and effective.  The problem is with the four lag bolts (two visible above) that hold the motor in place.  If they become loose allowing the motor to move even a bit forget getting the slide to move.  Well, one of the lag bolts on the opposite side has become stripped and can no longer be tightened.  The one on this side with the extra washers (the right hand one) is the same way.  Solution?  Remove the lag bolts then drill the hole out so that it will accept a bolt and nut.  Add a little blue Locktite to each as you tighten them and that takes care of that.

Enough work, let’s continue the tour of our neighborhood.


The tin man is taking the virus seriously.


The Marlboro Man 


This has a little bit of everything.  A Cherub, a great Horned Owl, several painted circular rocks and a massive rock in the background.



The mining theme is a common one and is reflective of Congress itself.  A little digging and we discover that:  Congress originally came to life when a miner struck gold here in 1884. The addition of a post office and nearby Santa Fe Railroad added to the growing town until the mines closed in the 1930s.  Today nothing remains of the old town except a cemetery that has fallen into disrepair.


Afternoon siesta.


A draw bar and another cherub this time in gold.


All held together by a rod that runs up through the center.  Each piece, though, is so colorful in and of itself.


Wow, I can even remember when peddle cars like this were popular!  I hope that doesn’t make me old.


What a beautiful desert scene painted on a rock.  Such vibrant colors.


Three Amigos


Sinclair Oil Corporation has one of the most recognizable mascots in the country – a large green Brontosaurus.  Do you know his name?   Branded gasoline and other Sinclair fuel and lubricant products are sold today at more than 1,300 stations, mostly in the Central Plains and Rocky Mountain regions.  By the way his name is Dino.


I would love to know what is parked behind each of these two doors.


Ducks, ducks and more ducks.



Three Little Pigs


I wonder if the smile on the cat’s face has anything to do with the remains of the fish off to the side!


A different kind of robot.


More of the same yard.


I couldn’t show it, but the bicycle wheels were spinning like crazy.  Can you find the old jalopy?

And finally this


The most unusual house we’ve discovered to date in the park.  I have no idea what this style is called.  Anyone?

Today I had a chance to talk to another resident who has been here since the park was formed.  He stated that one person originally owned all the land.  He then developed and sold lots.  Which he immediately regretted because he suddenly realized that if he had, instead, rented the lots he would have had a continuing stream of income for life.  Oh well.  The individual I talked to also stated that lots originally sold for under ten thousand dollars.  He owns three.  The price today is a good deal higher sad to say.  I asked him what he thought of living here.  His answer was Never regretted my decision to move here for a minute.  More information to tuck away for the future.

That was our day on The Road of Retirement.  I began another project which I’ll complete once I can get to the hardware store.  We picked up our mail and were able to score a package of paper towels.  Yipee!  All things considered it was another great day that God has given us.  Are we getting bored?  Yea, it feels like we are stuck in a time warp.  But compared to what others are having to deal with, boredom is nothing.  The important thing is we’re both healthy and we still have each other.

On the lighter side.

Image may contain: flower, possible text that says 'I SAID NO GROUPS LARGER THAN 10 PEEPS!'

Thanks again for joining us today.  We always appreciate your company as well as your comments and suggestions.  Catch your tomorrow.

These are the voyages of  Elvira and it’s two intrepid travelers.  Our continuing mission: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have never been before.

See you on down the road!









  1. Yes, unfortunately there are people that still believe this virus is not real. They probably also believe the world is flat. This is why we may be dealing with the virus months from now. Another project addressed and always more to come, but we all knew that going into traveling this way. Enjoyed our stroll though the park and I have no idea what type of architecture that house would fall under. God bless you both.


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