Places We Have Called Home In 2020

Home Is Where We Park It:  Grand Canyon Railway RV Park, Williams, Arizona 

June 18, 2020

Temperature 77 degrees

The Grand Canyon

This morning was a real eye opener – 43 degrees when I got up at 6 am.  Great sleeping weather that’s for sure.  Yet sleeping past 6 am – at least for me – was not to be.  We had a few trains come through with engineers really leaning on the horn.  Funny, though, Barbara said later when she finally got up that she never heard a thing.  Interesting.

In yesterday’s blog I alluded to the fact that we had hoped to ride the Grand Canyon Train to the Grand Canyon this year.  Then we were going to take a bus tour.  Well, that was not to be because of Covid 19.  The bus tour was cancelled.  And about the train, neither of us wanted to be packed into a train with total strangers who were not required to wear masks.

Time for a different plan.  Let’s drive to the Grand Canyon!  That’s one of the reasons we came here to Williams.  It is only a one hour ride from our new home.  We were also told that there were a number of pull offs and overlooks on Desert View Drive which runs for 23 miles along the South Rim.

We had our plan and it was time to go.  Come on, we’re going on a road trip.

The ride was just about an hour.


The sign that told us we had arrived.

Grand Canyon National Park Entrance Fees / Cost & Permits - AllTrips

We were now at the entrance gate to the Grand Canyon and expected to pay the one day fee of $35 dollars.  Surprise, surprise when it was our turn to pay we were asked Are both of you over the age of 62?  We replied yes and were then told Well, today you get in for free.  We sure weren’t about to argue!


We next went past this magnificent sculpture.


Past the Visitor Center.  By now I’m beginning to wonder So where is the Grand Canyon?

All I saw so far were a bunch of stores


and a road lined with so many trees I was beginning to wonder if I was back in Maine at Schoodic Point.

Then, just like that we were at the first pull out and oh my goodness there it was.



The view absolutely took my breath away.  I had been told that neither words nor pictures could ever do it justice.  I was told You have to see it for yourself.  How very true.  It is absolutely amazing and mesmerizing.  It is so grand and so awesome.  My first view of the Grand Canyon was one I will always definitely remember.

So, for those who have been there and for those who have not been there as inadequate as they may be let me present some pictures that will, hopefully,  either bring back fond memories or inspire you to see it for yourself.




This is called Duck Rock  Come on now, use your imagination.  The duck’s bill slants to the right.


My sweetheart has such a beautiful smile.


Me, on the other hand, well not as great.  Yet, in the years to come we’ll be able to look back and say We were there.

Enjoy.  The views.  The colors.  The various rock layers.  The overall landscape.  Look and marvel at how these massive rocks have been sculptured and shaped by water and wind over millions of years.









Up here at the rim grow huge Douglas-fir trees.  As you move down toward the canyon floor you’ll find cottonwood trees.


Our first glimpse, there in the background, of the mighty Colorado River.   The river is the reason for the Canyon.  More about this later.


Near here in the late summer of 1540 soldiers from a Spanish expedition became the first Europeans to see the Grand Canyon.  They spent three days trying to reach the bottom of the canyon with no success.   It sure is a long, long way down!


I ask you, Doesn’t that look like a hotel or home or something like that out there?  I wonder, how in the world was it ever formed without human intervention.  Amazing.


This is the beautiful blue sky that blessed us overhead today.







The Colorado River.  The river is the sculptor of the canyon.  During the course of five million years it cut through more than 4,000 feet of rock to form what we know as the Grand Canyon.  Geologists tell us it will go no deeper for it is now at the very foundation of our continent.  Wind and rain did their part as well in shaping the walls of the canyon.


This was the end of our journey today.  The road to the East Rim was closed since it passed through the Navajo Nation which is on lock down because of Covid-19.  We would have to turn around and retrace our route.


This was as close to the Desert View Watchtower that we could get.  Maybe next year when we come back everything will once again be opened up.


Once finished here we turned around like everyone else and retraced our route back to where we had all started.

That was our day today on The Road of Retirement.  OK, we never did get our train ride but we got something far better.  The opportunity to together see the Grand Canyon up close and personal.  Though there were others enjoying the canyon with us today the numbers were moderate.  No large crowds.  Hardly any traffic.  We could not have asked for a better day.  Along the way we met and talked briefly with travelers from Kentucky, Alabama, and Oklahoma.  Each here for the first time like us and equally awed by what they saw.

In closing we hope you enjoyed the pictures.  For those who have been here before we hope they brought back fond memories.  For those who have never been here we hope the Grand Canyon is now on your bucket list.  We are definitely looking forward to returning again next year for another visit.

Thanks for joining us today. We always appreciate having you with us and we especially enjoy your comments.  Catch you tomorrow.

These are the voyages of  Elvira and it’s two intrepid travelers.  Our continuing mission: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have never been before.

See you on down the road!










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