Places We Have Called Home In 2020

Home Is Where We Park It:  Escapees Rainbow Plantation, Summerdale, Alabama

September 8, 2020

Temperature 84 Degrees

Preparing for Travel

Only one goal for today, preparing for travel tomorrow.  No rush, though, since we probably will not leave until around 10 am.

Off came the tire covers and tire pressure was checked to make sure it was correct.  I had to add a few pounds to the back tires.  When I was finished I did the same for the car.

The step supports were removed and put away.  The step stool will be the last item packed away.

The main patio awning, the door awning and the living room awning on the other side are rolled up and secured.

Checked fluid levels for the engine and the generator.  We’ll use the generator tomorrow to power the AC units and the refrigerator.  Best practice is to run the generator under load each month for two to four hours and since I haven’t done this recently it is time.

I’ve taken the cover off of the tow bar and checked it, and made sure there are no frayed cables and that everything moves freely with no binding.

The car is ready to go.  Did an inspection on the base plate and no loose bolts were found.

The privacy screens for the windshield and side windows have been removed.  The windshield, side windows and mirrors have been cleaned.

A friend of mine (thanks Carl) shared a tip about treating the windshield with a coating of Rain X .  Knowing that there is rain coming on Thursday I decided to give it a try.  It is a bit of a procedure and a bit labor intensive but if it works it will be great.  Time will tell.  I also did both mirrors.

Tomorrow morning I’ll dump the tanks and pack up the sewer hose.  I’ll disconnect and pack away the water hose, filter and softener; and,  the electric cord.  Of course we’ll bring down the satellite antenna. Then it will be time to bring in the slides and bring up the jacks.  Then we’ll go step by step through our departure list to make sure we didn’t miss anything.  Finally a complete walk-around by both of us to make sure all is in order and nothing is being left behind.  The last item to be taken care of will be to hook up car and check the lights.  Then, we’ll be on our way.

One more thing accomplished today.

I finally hung up the one sign that is so important to both of us.

And I absolutely had to hang this one!

That was our day on The Road of Retirement.  We’re ready to get on the road and let the wheels roll.  New places and new adventures await.  Who knows who we’ll meet – I’ve already met Mike the gentleman who owns the Newell.  Come to find out he is also going to be at Sumter Oaks in Florida the same time we will be there.  Time now to get some sleep so until tomorrow night, take care.

Thanks for your company today.  We always appreciate when you stop by as well as your comments and suggestions. Keep safe, keep healthy, enjoy the days that God gives you.

These are the voyages of  Elvira and her two intrepid travelers.  Our continuing mission: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have never been before.

See you on down the road!



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