March 11, 2021

Temperature 81 Degrees

We Got It Right This Time

I’m Beginning To Wonder Why We Ever Bought A House

A Sad Day Indeed

A Fine Mid-Day Supper

Up and out again to the same doctor we visited yesterday.  Well, yesterday was only a test run.  You know, where is his office (we’ve only been there half a dozen times), would there be adequate parking (there is usually noone in the parking lot) and so forth.  All of which is to say yesterday was not Ms Barbara’s appointment but today was.  Yup, we once again made it in plenty of time.  Plus, today was the correct day.  Yipee!

I have to be honest life was so much easier before we bought a house.  Elvira is paid off.   Ok, we had some issues we had to straighten out and a few items to fix.  But, she has been a comfortable home and a dependable form of transportation.

Then we went and bought a house.  Since then it has been reams of forms and every kind of inspection under the sun.  If I had to take care of it all I believe I would have thrown in the towel almost immediately.  Ms Barbara, though, has been taking it all in stride.  She has worked through all the forms, made the necessary phone calls, and arranged for one inspection after another.  This is, in many ways, her house.  And I have no problem with that.  It is what I intended all along.

Today brought a tear to my eye.  Today, I cancelled all of our reservations for our western swing this year.  No more reservations.  No more route planning.  Next year, hopefully, we’ll be able to travel out west.  That’s the plan right now.  But then again, who knows what next year will bring.  This year sure didn’t turn out the way we thought it would.


The highlight of our day.  We bought some corn at the farmer’s market the other day and yesterday picked up a couple of steaks.


Out came the grill and we had a good old fashion barbecue.  It kind of took the sting out of the day.

Lunch over it was time to ride around the park.


Look who I found today.  All dressed and ready for the pool.


The Hood, though, is beginning to empty out.  Many rigs are gone and others are closed up as people have begun to move north again.  Our turn is coming.


In the back park section they continue to set new houses.  As of now there is only one vacant lot left.  The big news is they are now going to develop the section behind the current park models.  However, they are going to be setting new homes with RV Ports.  But, the lots will not be deeded.  A big negative if you ask me.  A mortgage payment plus lot rent?  Not my cup of tea.  Plus, I can’t help but wonder what is going to happen when an original owner tries to sell.

That was our day on The Road of Retirement.  We had a super day from start to finish.  We enjoyed the day and each other’s company.  Soon, now, we’ll be on the road again heading north toward family and friends.  We’re getting anxious.  We’re ready to go.  We’re looking forward to being on the road again.  We’re looking forward to traveling along, hand in hand, singing our song!

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog.  We always appreciate your company, your comments, and your suggestions. Keep safe, keep healthy, live to the fullest the days that God gives you.

These are the voyages of  Elvira and her two intrepid travelers.  Our continuing mission: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have never been before.

See you on down the road!




  1. Glad you made it to the appointment. Hope Barbara gets the house forms completed and the inspection goes well. The house looks very nice and I’m sure she is excited to settle in, at least for a while before hitting tge road. Plan A needed to be scrapped so start on Plan B. Knowing you, you probably already started that. 😊 In the mean time make the best of each and every day. Oh, love Corn on the Cob, but that was one of the foods taken from me along with a few others, but it is for the best. Hey, have a great weekend side by side singing your song.


  2. Corn on the cob and steak are a delicious way to make any day better. Thank heavens Miss Barbara takes all the paperwork in stride. While you’ve been forced to adapt, there’s lots of good things in your world, too. I hope you have a good day today.


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