March 16, 2021

Temperature 87 Degrees

Happy Birth To My Sweetheart

The Big Test

I got her good this year. All day yesterday I played dumb regarding her birthday. I didn’t let on that it was today, nope not even once. She later confessed that she thought I had forgotten it. But not to be.

Today, her birthday, in the early morning hours why she was still sleeping I quietly slipped out of the house and went to the store.

And I did not return empty handed. Oh no. This is what she found on the counter this morning when she finally woke up. Surprise, I didn’t forget. Oh yea, I got her real good this year!

Well, since we were up we decided to take a trip to the VA Clinic in Brooksville to pick up

my left hearing aid which had been repaired and was ready for pickup. OK, I’ll say it again, I was wrong this time in that they actually managed to repair it and get it back to me in just a week. Moreover, these new hearing aids are so comfortable I’ve already more than once forgot to take them out before I went to bed. If there is one problem with them it’s that you can hear everything, I mean everything all around you. I’ve begun to hear sounds coming from Elvira that I never knew existed. A bit weird but I’m getting used to it.

The birthday celebration was not over.

I promised her she would not have to clutter up the kitchen this morning because I would take her out for breakfast. This is a favorite place of ours for breakfast and once again it did not disappoint. We both had great breakfast plates and super service. A win – win in our book.

After breakfast it was time for THE BIG TEST. We needed to fill the gas tank in Little Graybeard. I wondered, was the crazy issue with it dying after getting gas actually solved? I filled it up, clicked the gas cap closed, and decided to go for it. No test trip around the gas station, oh no, I immediately headed into traffic. Guess what? It’s FIXED! No stutter, no hesitation, and it didn’t die. Yipee!

That was our day on The Road of Retirement. We had a great day in every way. And I do believe the birthday girl absolutely loved her birthday surprises. Now, how am I going to top this one next year? Thankfully, I have a year to plot and plan.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog.  We always appreciate your company, your comments, and your suggestions. Keep safe, keep healthy, live to the fullest the days that God gives you.

These are the voyages of  Elvira and her two intrepid travelers.  Our continuing mission: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have never been before.

See you on down the road!


  1. The flowers are beautiful. Such bright colors would certainly make anyone smile. You did good! Breakfast too! Wow! She is a lucky girl. Glad your car is fixed also. Sounds like a great day all around.


  2. Sounds like a wonderful birthday! Breakfast out at Bob Evans is the best! And flowers to boot! Glad the car and your hearing aid is fixed. A great day for Miss Barbara and you, too! Enjoy your day, too!


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