Monday, August 16, 2021

Overcast, Occasional Rain, Temperature 80 Degrees

Little Vehicle Repairs

Treatment over for the morning, time to head home.

Leaving the parking lot something didn’t look right on the dash. Well, will you look at that the check engine light is on. I honestly expected the car do die right then and there but it kept on going. I figuratively held my breath waiting for the other shoe to drop. Still, the car kept running. Maybe, just maybe we’ll make it home. But then what?

About then I remembered that there was an auto parts store on the route home. Perhaps they would be nice enough to scan for codes and let me know what was happening. Sure enough they were willing and able. The verdict? The thermostat was bad. Now, back in the old days they usually stuck closed and the engine would overheat. However, in this day and age I learned they now stick open so there are no real consequences. Still, all in all it had to be replaced.

Simple I said, it is usually two bolts, pop the old out and stick the new one in. I can do this in less then an hour. Then I opened the hood and tried to find the thermostat. It was, well, buried way down there surrounded by all manner of wires, tubes and what-not. This was not a job for me.

Time to find a place to get it fixed. On a Monday when everyone is usually very busy. In an unknown area. Ms. Barbara was up to the challenge. I went to take a nap.

When I finally got up I asked her Any luck in finding a repair shop? To which she replied Of course and only two minutes a way. She had called the office and they suggested taking the car to a local mechanic that repairs and maintains all the park’s equipment as well as their own personal vehicles.

That’s how we ended up here.

I will say my first impression left me wondering what I was in for. This was no polished shop with mechanics in uniforms. But it was this or nothing since no other shop would even look at it for a couple of days. But as I’ve said many times before Never judge a book by its cover.

Conrad, the supervisor was waiting for us. He plugged in the computer and confirmed that the issue was, indeed, the thermostat. Oh good I though a really simple and inexpensive repair. Not so quick! Above is what today is known as the thermostat module. If you look down deep into the inside of this module you will indeed find a thermostat. However, you can’t buy just the thermostat you have to buy the whole, blooming thing. So much for a simple, inexpensive repair.

I gave my consent for repairs and they went to work. Remember I said it was buried? It took the mechanic three hours to get it out and get it back in again. Whew, I’m sure glad I didn’t attempt to replace it myself. The car would have been apart for the rest of the week! So now it is fixed. Sort of, since they found and pointed out another issue which will be addressed later in the week.

That was our day on The Road of Retirement. Once again all is well that ends well. We are absolutely two of the most blessed and fortunate people in the world. We started out not knowing which way to turn to have the car fixed and we ended up having the problem resolved. Most definitely God Is Good All The Time.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog.  We always appreciate your company, your comments, and your suggestions. Remember, take time to stop and smell the roses and live each day that God gives you to the fullest.

 Our continuing mission remains: Departing from our base as often as possible to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have never been before.

See you on down the road!


  1. All is well that ends well. That Barbara is amazing. She waves that magic wand and presto your issue is gone. Yes nothing is easy to repair with the cars of today but thanks to these mechanics staying on top of things they keep us moving. We’re at our beach home repairing, cleaning, painting and today plan to dig out dead plants and prune others. I’ve been awake since 3:30, just can’t sleep. ???? I will be able to nap about 3:30 this afternoon though. 😴 Have a great day and stay safe.


  2. Very clever of Barbara to ask the park’s office for a recommendation. Seems like everything costs a lot, but I always compare the cost of a repair to the cost of a car payment. Then I feel better. We take our car to a shop right near where we live which looks very similar to the picture you showed, They do great work! My only concern is that as our neighborhood expands, they will get too busy! In any case, I am glad you had it repaired and didn’t end up broke down somewhere! Enjoy your day today!


      1. At least you have three shops! We have a quality auto shop by our home. However, with our neighborhood growing, they are getting more and more popular. Enjoy your weekend, too!


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