September 22, 2021

Temperature 86 Degrees

Back Home and Making The Transition

So, we are back home again and making the transition from nomadic life to stationary life. Which, is proving somewhat interesting.

However, I’m getting ahead of myself. My last post found us at Cummins Power South for Elvira’s annual maintenance. Thankfully, there were no surprises. That said, we still have to make a trip back to get the leveling jacks fixed. We have an issue with the left front jack not holding once it is set. Time will tell what is going on with it.

While in Ocala we had an opportunity to spend time with our good friends Dennis and Pam. They had invited us to their house for lunch and as always is the case Pam had prepared an absolutely delicious lunch. The afternoon was spent getting caught up, swapping RV stories and so much more. We finally called it a day around 3 pm and made our way back to Elvira. However, given the fact that it was a Friday and rush hour traffic was well under way we elected to spend the night in Ocala.

The next morning we awoke to heavy fog which, thankfully, quickly burnt off and we were on our way. The trip back to the house was an easy one. The traffic was light so we made excellent time. Before we knew it we were in front of the house.

The first surprise was when we turned the water on for the house. We had turned it off, as directed, at the incoming water valve for the water softener. I turned it on and a flood ensued. Oh yes, the valve was leaking big time. I turned it off, put the unit in by-pass mode so we could still get water to the house, and made a call. Being a Saturday, and since we still were able to get water to the house, we scheduled repairs for Tuesday. We could have had it repaired on Monday, but we had doctor appointments that day. We continued to walk around checking this and that and, thankfully, found no further surprises.

But the big issue is, we are finding it a bit difficult transitioning to a temporary stationary life style. First of all we’re having a problem figuring out what to bring from Elvria to the house. Now, for those who travel only on a periodic basis I’m sure you have this down pat. We’ll probably get our act together in due time but as of now it is more of a grab this from the Elvira and bring it over to the house. What we need in the future is a comprehensive plan of what we need to move from each room in Elvira to the house. And the reverse when we get ready to roll again. We’re working on it.

The other issue is, well, the different sounds that the house makes. When we lived in Elvira I could tell you what every creak and groan was. I knew what was normal and if something sounded out of order and was cause for investigation. The first few nights, even the first week in the house, I was up at night constantly wondering what in the world was that sound. Slowly I began to learn. Oh, that clunk was the icemaker. That tick was the refrigerator. Slowly, ever so slowly I’m learning the various sounds here in the house and what they are associated with.

Finally, there is the issue of just being stationary. Yes, in the past we have wintered in one location for several months at a time. However, we also knew we could move at any time. That flexibility is sort of gone right now. But we have a plan. We hope each month to just get out and spend some time, some place, any place in Florida for a few nights. We’ll let you know how that works out.

Then there is Proton. The little guy has been through a lot these past several weeks. His first day in the house he kept trying to get out the front door. I have no idea where he wanted to go but I’m sure he must have thought home is not here. He is slowly getting better. No doubt he will always be a runner and we need to keep this in mind. Yet, he has calmed down quite a bit. He has adopted one of the living room recliners as his own. He spends his nights in our bedroom, either in his own bed or on ours. He’s started playing with his toys. He has also definitely attached himself to me which means, unfortunately, every time I leave, even to go to the rig for a minute, he goes into a panic. We do have our favorite time together and that is our morning and evening walk.

So, the journey continues on The Road of Retirement. I have a list of projects to do around the house. In fact, my son Adam is even now on his way down from Maryland to give me a hand with some of them. I also have a list of projects that need doing for Elvira. In so many words, I have enough to keep me busy for a good bit. We’re happy and, healthy, forget wealthy and wise, and enjoying life to the fullest. And we’ll continue now and always to make the most of every minute of every day that the good Lord gives. There is no other way to live.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog.  We always appreciate your company, your comments, and your suggestions. Remember, take time to stop and smell the roses and live each day that God gives you to the fullest.


  1. Happy for you that you are home and everyone and everything is well. Yes, we understand the creaks and pings you hear can leave one searching for an answer of what and why was that. I hope Proton settles in and realizes he has a good home and resists the urge to run. If you forget something in Elvira, and that does happen, it isn’t much of a trip to retrieve it. 😁 Enjoy your time with your son. “Count your many blessings, name them one by one.”


  2. Glad to hear you are back safe and sound. Proton didn’t realize how interesting life would be with you and Barb. I’m not surprised he has claimed a recliner in the living room! Nothing shy about him!
    Sounds like a great plan to get away every month to somewhere. I am sure you have many good places to choose from.
    We get our trailer winterized on 10/22, and we won’t be traveling in it after that until about 4/1. It seems so long, but, like you, we have tasks and priorities to keep us productive and busy. Your advice to live each day God gives us to the fullest is exactly what we will try to do!


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