March 23, 2002

From Then to Now, Conclusion

OK, time to bring it all together. A few more days and we’ll be caught up on last weeks adventures

Thursday, March 17th

Adam, somehow had talked his son Jarrett into trying wakeboarding. Now, you have to understand that Jarrett really is not an outdoor enthusiast. His idea of fun is spending a day playing video games on his phone. Therefore, I figured maybe 30 minutes at the most and he would be finished for the day. Boy, did he ever prove both myself and all of us oh so wrong!

Time for equipment. Since this was his first time, the decision was made to have him try a knee board to begin with.

Suited up and getting some pointers from the park’s instructor.

In place and ready for his first try. What would be the outcome?

Success! On the very first try.

And he made it all the way around.

Later in the day Adam decided to join him. What a great way for a father and son to spend a beautiful, warm Florida day together. All total the two of them spent a wonderful four hours on the water. Yup, Jarrett sure proved me wrong!

There’s more. Back home

There was a classic car show featuring some of the cars owned by our residents. Let me tell you some of these gents have some serious big buck rides. And several of them own not one, but three or four.

For instance, there is this Chevy pickup. Yup, that’s the motor up front under the hood. But that’s not the motor that gives it some serious get up and go. No, you find that

in the back lurking under a pickup bed that goes up at the push of a button! That motor is a Chevy LS3 putting out an impressive 450 HP. Here’s a ride definitely worth more than Elvira.

Just a few of the many other classic cars that were in attendance.

Friday, March 18th

This is a local museum about twenty minutes from our house. It is a private collection owned by one individual but it is not the greatest by any means. However, it is still a fantastic collection that features a great layout with super documentation.

Take a look for yourself.

There are many more planes and engines on display but this will give you a taste of what is on the floor. There are, actually have been, rumors of expansion but to date nothing has come to fruition. Remember, this is a private collection and one man gets to call all the shots so what happens is all up to him. It will be interesting to see if anything really comes to pass in the years ahead.

So, that was the week that was. I do believe we managed to pack a lot into seven days. Sightseeing during the day, and card games and dominoes at night. It was the best of the best of time made so special by being able to spend it with family. We’re looking forward to many more times to come just like this. But for now, we need a rest. And we need to get to packing since we are going back on the road in just two weeks! Oh yes, it is really here.

So if you’ll excuse me – Elvira is waiting for me to get her ready for this summer’s adventure.


  1. So glad Jarrett had a great day on the water! It’s good for kids – and all of us – to get away from the screens and experience the real world! The planes had beautiful paint jobs! Two weeks until you leave!! Our camping season is getting close, too! It’s only been five months! I can hear Willy singing in my head – “On the Road Again…”


  2. So glad Jarrett tried something new and different. Wait until he gets back home and shares his experiences with friends. He’s their hero. Glad you and Barbara could share your time with family. We’re heading out with several friends in 3 weeks. Looking forward to it. Safe travels for you.


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