Friday, April 7, 2022

Temperature 70 Degrees, Abundant Sunshine, Gusting Winds

Taking Care of Business and Settling In

Just the though of no TV, no Hallmark channels, no Motor Trend, no Sirius Music and so much more was enough to cause us to quake in our boots. But what to do? After six hours on Thursday we had hit the so called brick wall.

Friday morning, real early, because once again I couldn’t sleep, I resolved to do battle with the DISH service once more. First step, turn it on. Wonder of wonders we now had one channel. Yesterday we had none. I was making progress. Now, what should I do next? The usual of course, reboot the system. After that was completed I still had only one channel. Onward. I pulled up our account on my computer to verify that the receive was actually on the account. Yup, it was there. Right next to it was a little button and the inscription that said If you want to wake up your receive push here. At this point I figured nothing ventured, nothing gained. Wonder of wonder, after five minutes I had all our channels!

But wait, now we kept getting the message complete signal loss. What? I picked this sight just because I knew there were no trees that would block the antenna. Out I went to discover what I had missed. I immediately saw the problem, a tree branch from a tree over our rig kept blowing in front of the antenna. But not for long. Oh no, up on the roof and me and my trusty saw quickly trimmed just enough of the branch back to resolve the issue. We now have our TV issue completely resolved. While we are here!

Other news.

Guess what we left home? Every last one of them. We put our mugs in the dishwasher the night before we left and forgot to take them out and bring them with us. So now we have two new ones for the trip.

Yup, we also forgot the vacuum cleaner. So I now have a new toy. A simple carpet sweeper for our rugs. Believe me, here especially you need one because you are surrounded by sand and dirt. And do what you might, it is constantly getting tracked into the rig.

We’ve also decided to try something new this trip. Rather than constantly buying gallons of spring water we purchased a Brita Water Filter. Yes, I have several filters on the outside but this we believe ensures crystal clear drinking water. Time will tell if it is the solution.

Slowly, ever so slowly as we move down The Road of Retirement we are getting used to living in a house on wheels again. It’s amazing, really, how quickly we are settling in. It’s almost like we never stopped full-timing. I’ve always said, its not a bad way to live at all.

Thanks again for stopping by today  It’s always great to be able to share our story with others. Comments? Feel free to share them with me. And always remember, cherish each day that God gives you and live it to the fullest.

Our continuing mission remains the same: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have not been before


  1. So glad you have Dish worked out! It would be pretty rough not watching “When Calls the Heart!” On our very first trip, we forgot bowls. Dan ate his cereal in a fry pan. Lol. Well, now you have a vacuum cleaner to keep in the rig. Sounds like everything is falling right in place – even the tree limb – thanks to you! Enjoy and safe travels!


    1. Oh yes we forget quite a few things, but, but, but we did not forget the wine glass nor the beer mug! As for Dish, believe it or not we are back to square one. I want to pull my hair out. I turned it on this morning and absolutely nothing. It is going to be a long trip if we can’t figure something out. Have a great weekend.

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  2. You are now happy campers with Dish service. I know that’s one thing Hoag checks out first. We keep most of our things in the RV so all we need is food and clothing. We’ll be packing on Monday for a few days in Delaware with several friends. During that time we’ll spend time at our permanent camper completing a few paint jobs. Enjoy this new adventure.


  3. The picture of you with the Vac you look like Roy Orbison with his guitar . You need to get an antenna like the old days . That is what we did no more cable or dish . It gets us by . Not a lot of channels . You should post the gas and diesel prices as you go would like to see what they look like else where . Glad you like using the Rain-X it works great and as you see you do not even need the wipers. If you put it on more often you may not need to put two coatings on as the window is already protected . Just remember to final wipe with newspaper to get rid of the ghosts on the window .


    1. Yea, maybe like Orbison the difference being I can’t carry a tune! Well, we have an OTA and it is getting us through at least for now. I’ll try to remember to snap a picture of prices when we fuel up. You know where the Rain-X also works great? On the shower walls. Water runs right off. So easy to clean. Have a great day.


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