Friday, April 22, 2022

Temperature 79 Degrees, Overcast, Winds 25 to 35, Gusting to 40 mph

Smoky Hill RV Park, Junction City, KS

Today was a travel day. We were leaving Oklahoma and moving north to the state of Kansas. Since it would be a 5 hour drive we decided to break it up by stopping for fuel half way.

The weather forecast was not the best. Though no rain was in the forecast the wind was supposed to be in the 25 to 35 mph range with higher gusts. However, since the winds were coming from the south and we were moving due north I figured we shouldn’t have much of an issue. And for the most part this proved correct. We only had one part of the trip were we had an issue and that is when we took a jog to the North East. Then off and on it was white knuckle driving for about an hour. Overall, though, not a bad trip at all.

So where are we now?

We are at Smoky Hill RV Park which welcomed its first RV’ers back in 2020. It’s a nice park that gives evidence of being well taken care of and well maintained. The entrance is well marked and easy to find. The entrance road is paved and wide and the roads in the park are gravel, adequate width, and easy to navigate.

This is our new home until Monday. Our site has a gravel base, it is of adequate width, and dead level. There is more than enough space between sites. We also have a concrete patio and a brand new picnic table. Remember the wind I mentioned earlier? It is absolutely fierce here in the park. Though we put up our satellite antenna we were soon forced to bring it down because of the wind. I mean to get out of Elvira you literally have to hold the door with two hands or it will be ripped right out of your hands. Our jacks are down but we are still rocking and rolling. It’s going to be an interesting night.

So that is where we are at on The Road of Retirement. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after we’re going to see the wizard. That’s why we are here. But for now, you’ll have to excuse me it has been a long day and I’m ready for some shut eye. Good night, and God bless.


    1. This park is really nice and reasonably priced. It sits on a hill so the winds are really felt up here. I don’t think a tree would stand a chance against the winds that sometime come through. Today, after two days of strong winds all is calm. It’s just like someone turned the fan off somewhere. Have a great day.

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