Thursday, May 12, 2022

Temperature 62 Degrees, Solid Cloud Cover, Winds 20/25 mph, Gusting to 55 mph

Badlands National Park

I’ve been about the world a lot, and pretty much over our own country, wrote architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935, but I was totally unprepared for that revelation called the Dakota Bad Lands. . .What I saw gave me an indescribable sense of mysterious elsewhere – a distinct architecture, ethereal. . .and endless supernatural world more spiritual than earth but created out of it.

I would have to agree with the noted architect. The Badlands is like no other part of the country that we have ever visited. Ms. Barbara and I tried to find words to describe this unique piece of America and we found it hard to come up with just the right word. We came up with words like: stark, spectacular, extreme, awesome, peaceful, exquisite.

We soon discovered that one of the best ways to take in the grandeur of this amazing landscape is a drive along the Badlands Loop Road. The loop stretches for some 30 miles and though it is just a little two lane county road it passes through some of the most amazing scenery that we have ever been privileged to view. It literally winds through the heart of the park and offers breath-taking views around every corner. Moreover, there are 14 overlooks that offer spectacular opportunities to pull off the road and really see the park.

So once again come ride with us as yesterday we drove the loop and let us share with you some of the awe inspiring beauty of God’s creation.

Now, how about that we have an overlook named after us!

They caution you that as you drive along you should keep your eyes open for the many animals that call the park home.

And, indeed, we saw a sample of them, from the very small

Prairie Dog. Yea, I know the arrow is bigger than he is! But this is as close as I could get.

A bit bigger, Big Horn Sheep. How about that guy just hanging on the side of the cliff.

And the really big guys, Buffalo. Here’s looking at you big guy!

OK, we’ve made one pass through the park. Our intent is to go back and hike some of the easier trails that are available. We’ll also stop at the Visitor Center in order to learn all we can about this phenomenal park.

For those who have visited here before I hope these few pictures I’ve shared with you have stirred some wonderful memories for you. For those who have never been here before I encourage you to put it on your bucket list. We’re so thankful that we’ve had the opportunity to visit here. It is a part of this great country of ours that we will never forget.

Till the next blog. Take care and always remember to live each moment God gives you to the fullest.


  1. Amazing! We have never visited Badlands National Park. Hopefully, we will get there someday. And to think you have an overlook named after you! How is it possible that a goat is standing on the side of the cliff? I guess there is a tiny ledge there. Looks like a wonderful loop to drive. I’m curious as to what you will learn and see at the Visitor Center. Enjoy your day tomorrow!


    1. I, like you, could not figure what that sheep was standing on. Probably a ledge but so small you couldn’t really see it. I do hope you can come here on one of your travels. It is truly spectacular to see in person. Have a great day.

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  2. I enjoyed your pictures and agree it is difficult to describe this area. I remember walking up to the edge of a never ending hole and backing away quickly. Breathless. The sheep amaze me how they can stand or climb these narrow rocky cliffs. My favorite guys are the Buffalo. Their quiet meandering pace but with much control. Enjoy!


    1. So glad you enjoyed the pictures. I watched young adults hop from one ledge to another always getting closer, and closer to the edge. Not for me. I kept a safe distance back – I know my limits. Have a great day.


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