Saturday, May 21, 2022

Temperature 38 Degrees, Snow off and on

This Is Crazy!

How low can you go? I’ll tell you. How about 20 degrees. That was the temperature last night around midnight. And the same is forecast for tonight.

In 4 years of full time RV life we never witnessed temperatures this low. Especially in the month of May. But I guess there is a first for everything. However, this is one first that I can do without.

We disconnected our water at the spigot last night therefore we didn’t have any issues with pipes freezing. We’re grateful, too, that our furnace, heat pumps and electric heaters are working like a champ. It may be cold outside but inside we are warm and comfortable.

Come now to this morning. It was a bit challenging. It began when I poured Ms. Barbara her morning cup of coffee and set it down on her table which was next to her. The cup had sprung a leak! Some paper towels and that mess was cleaned up.

We turned our TV on and received the message Complete Signal Loss. Now what? Well an eyeball inspection of our antenna and I believe I can see what the issue is. In a couple of hours I’ll go up and confirm my suspicions. If I’m correct it should be an easy fix.

What’s the old saying? Bad things usually come in three’s? Ms. Barbara started to make breakfast and turned on one too many appliances. All of our outlets were dead in an instant. But I knew immediately what had happened. This happened once before about a year ago and I learned at that time what happens. The circuit breaker on our converter/inverter had popped. Outside I went to reset it and in seconds we had power again to all of our outlets.

That was our morning. Challenges indeed. We’re inside today. No sense running around in the cold. In a day or two it is supposed to get warmer. Like in the 40’s and 50’s during the day. That my friends is a heat wave in these parts.

Have a great day and make the most of every moment that God gives you.


  1. Sounds like a good day to play Mexican Train, catch up on any shows (Can you believe When Calls the Heart season is almost over?!), and have a nice homemade dinner. A cozy inside day. Soon you’ll be out and about and finding fun outside again!


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