June 15, 2022

Temperature 62 Degrees, Some Sun, Some Rain, A Whole Lot of Wind

Travel Day

Sometimes you just got to do what you have to do.

Yesterday we finally were able to do some sightseeing (blog coming) for a few hours. In the early afternoon we turned toward home not wanting to leave Proton in his crate any longer than we had to. We arrived back home only to discover that one of the workers had cut the main water line in half. It took them just a little over 3 hours to fix it. That was the last straw. We were leaving come Wednesday rather than Thursday. We made a quick phone call and discovered a campground with an open site. That’s all we needed to hear.

What we had decided in essence to do was divide our trip to The International Peace Gardens into two equal segments of around 2 hours each. Especially with the winds they were predicting we thought it would be better not to do one long road trip on a two lane road with no shoulders. So, we rerouted which now put us on a 4 lane interstate with wide shoulders heading north.

That definitely turned out to be the right decision. Today we rocked and rolled and got pushed around a bit but never to the point were I felt we were in danger. Elvira is a joy to drive and handles everything you throw at her with grace and style.

A short drive later and

we were at our new home for the night.

Ms. Barbara went to register and receive our site assignment. A short time later she was back with our site number and a map. Off we went

and this is where we ended up. We have a pull-through, gravel base and level. Since we’re here only for the one night we only put the back two slides out. Likewise, we only hook up electric. The nice thing about this site? As you leave, make an immediate right and you go right out to the exit for the park.

Okay, the wind is blowing up a storm outside. The rain has started to come down again but inside we’re comfortable and warm. Time to sit back with a hot cup of tea. And maybe a nice dish of ice cream. Till tomorrow sleep well.


  1. Sounds like you made the right decision. Ice cream fixes lots of stuff. I’m guessing you did not get a refund for your early departure, but did you leave a review anywhere? I use Campendium and rely on their reviews. In any case, I’m glad you and Barb are outa there!


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