Tuesday July 26, 2022

Temperature 81 Degrees, Abundant Sunshine, Some Clouds

Till We Meet Again

As the sun set over Pentwater Beach last night our time in there drew to a close. I mean, what a way to close the week out. The sunset was absolutely stunning.

We had come to this area for one reason, to meet The Betty. And of course her husband Dan as well! I knew Betty from her delightful blog chambersontheroad.com which I began reading several years ago. Her wit, her humor, her wonderful way with words and her beautiful pictures which are part of her blog made me definitely want – if possible – to meet her some day. We talked about it last year and she agreed that she would like as well to get together. But despite our best efforts the stars would not align.

But this year – yes! Every year in the middle of July she and Dan, and their family gather together in Pentwater, MI. There was no way that I was going to miss this opportunity a second time. Our route was going to take us to the Pentwater region in mid-July if nowhere else.

Finally, it all came together.

I’m honored to introduce you to two of God’s beautiful people – Dan and Betty. Dan is so easy going and has such a delightful sense of humor. Betty has that beautiful smile and makes you feel so at ease when you are with her. And her laugh, it is contagious. When you are in their presence you can simply be yourself. It was such a joy and a privilege to meet them and be able to spend the week with them. I’m honored to now call them two of my dearest friends.

And what a wonderful week we had together.

They knew the best places in the area to eat. This being one of them.

How can you not fall in love with those two charming faces. I’m smiling even as I sit here and type this. I have a mind to enlarge this picture, frame it, and hang it on the wall in our house.

We went to the restaurant by car. But Dan and Betty, oh no

Their chosen method of transportation when possible is by an electric bike. Sure wish I still had that much energy.

And away they go.

But we did more than eat. We also

decided to take a cruise together around Pentwater Harbor.

Captain Lee at the helm and Ron was our narrator for the tour.

What a beautiful day we had on the water. Abundant sunshine and the temperature was just right. A picture perfect day. I’m so thrilled that Betty suggested this.

Um, you notice who just happened to end up together in the back of the boat! I believe their excuse was the boat doesn’t rock as much back there?

But wait there is more. Barb and I also learned a couple of new games

This was one of them. Let me tell you we absolutely took to this like a duck to water. Now, that doesn’t mean we won much. Not when you’re going up against Dan. This man is the master. One night we were at our rig and completely lost time while playing it. Before we knew it, it was well past 10 pm. As to the second game, it was called Farkel. We didn’t take a shine to this game as much as the first.

Betty said that she and Dan like to come here to sit and play games in the evening. When she suggested that we all gather here to do the same, we immediately said yes.

We spent two amazing evenings here enjoying one another’s company and trying to beat Dan at Rummikub. I did, though, actually win one game. Still to this day I’m not sure how I did it but I did. I guess its true what they about beginners luck. But we’ve already purchased our own Rummikuib so that the next time we meet we’ll be able to go toe to toe with the man.

Barb and I also had the opportunity to gather with them and their family for a bonfire one evening. It was a real privilege to meet each and everyone of them. They made us feel so welcome and right at home.

Well, if you are in Pentwater, Betty said you have to make sure to be present for sunset on the beach. But first,

Remember these two? Back of the boat together? The best of friends.

Now, about those sunsets.

Betty was right. Spectacular.

Finally, they also left us with a bag of goodies.

The small trailer ornament at the top – put safety away and will go on our Christmas tree this year. The towel – hanging up in our one bathroom and I was told don’t you dare think of drying your dirty hands on it. The cookies – all gone and were they ever good.

This past week, was truly the highlight of this year’s trip. Really, if one has the love of their family and is blessed with great friends then they are the richest of all people. Barb and I count ourselves blessed indeed for we have both – and now we have two more great friends. Life doesn’t get any better than this. Thank you Dan and Betty.

Well, as of today we were back on the road again. But we weren’t headed to another RV Park. Not just yet, we first needed to stop at Cummins in Grand Rapids for some minor repairs. So as I type this we’re in their parking lot. Thankfully, they have electric and water. Hopefully, all will be done tomorrow and then we’ll head out again for our new home for the next week. Wish us luck.

One final note, Betty please tell Dan that even though there was a detour today, I didn’t get lost. So I guess he is off the hook in terms of driving for me!

Dan and Betty. No goodbye’s. Rather, Till We Meet Again.


  1. Bill, you are so kind. This post is very sweet and heartwarming, and I am humbled by it. You captured our time together perfectly. Very well written! The humor and friendliness we enjoyed from both of you comes shining through in your post. Dan read the post, too, and said to tell you he liked your post a whole lot! Besides my posts (to proofread for me), yours is the first blog post he ever read! Your pictures are also wonderful – crisp and colorful. My camera doesn’t capture a sunset very well, but yours sure does! About 15 minutes after you and Barb left, the sky really lit up! So next time, you’ll have to stay longer to get that shot. It was so great to meet both of you. Your love of life and your positive attitude are contagious and refreshing. Thank you for this beautiful post, and thank you for coming to Pentwater, so we could meet and spend time together. And yes, “Till We Meet Again.” And when we do, we’ll leave the Farkel at home. That way, you can concentrate on Rummikub and beat Dan! Until then – Give Barb a hug for us, and Safe Travels!


    1. Miss the two of you already. A hug for Barb done and done. A big thanks to Dan for reading the blog, much appreciated. Thanks so much for you kind comments. Enjoy the rest of your week with family. Till we meet again – when I’m coming with guns a-blazing to beat Dan the Man!

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