Friday, August 19, 2022

Temperature 81 Degrees, Sun and Clouds

Breakfast Out and Heini’s Cheese Chalet

We decided to make it a morning out. We would first go grab a bite to eat and then head on over to a local cheese shop.

This restaurant was just minutes from our new digs and had excellent ratings. Honestly, I believe most if not all of the restaurants in this area have 5 star ratings.

I’ve had a hankering for a Western Omelet for some time now and so that is what I ordered. I added a side of Home Fries and toast with a cup of coffee and I was good to go. It was oh so good and by the time I finished it all I had doubts about getting out the door! I’ll come back here any day.

With breakfast under our belts it was on to Heini’s Cheese Chalet. A little history: Established in 1935, Bunker Hill Cheese, or Heini’s, is a third-generation, family owned company. John (Hans) Dauwaulder trained as a master cheese-maker in Switzerland and came to the States in the 1920’s to display his Artisan talents in a growing cheese market.

Now about that name, Heini’s: Heini’s is a short version of Heinrich, a typical Swiss name that shows our Heritage.

The Cheese Chalet is the factory retail store for Bunker Hill Cheese. The family has been making cheese since 1935 using milk, most of it pasture based from local Amish farms. This means that cows are sent to pasture between milking times when the weather allows. At milking time the farmer may feed the cows small amounts of grain and hay to balance the cow’s needed nutritional balance. All of this make for a happy cow which in turn assures a stable milk production.

They offer over 25 different varieties of cheese and usually make something like 50,000 pounds of cheese per week. They used to offer tours but no more. All you can do now is peer in through the window at the vats were the cheese is made.

Ms. Barbara is already on the prowl for, well I’m not sure.

Maybe some Butter?

Cheese Ends?

Perhaps some Peanut Butter Cheese Fudge?

Could be she was after several varieties of cheese?

While she was shopping I of course was taking pictures. For instance, I found these murals.

In the end, we did find some products to purchase

Have you ever had Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheese Fudge? Or Root Beer Float Cheese Fudge? Neither have I but I’m looking forward to tasting both.

Ah well, soon enough it was time to head home. The morning was so enjoyable. We had time out but even more important it was time together just enjoying the day that God had given us. What more can one ask for.

Oh, and the fudge with cheese – both of them – are delicious!

Thanks again for spending some time with us.  It’s always great to be able to share our story with family and friends. Comments? Feel free to share them with me. And always remember, cherish every moment of every day that God gives you and live those moments to the fullest. 

Our continuing mission remains the same: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have not been before.


  1. Okay. Now we have to go to Ohio. Cheese fudge? Could that have a smidgen of health in it? No answer needed. 🙂 Looks like a wonderful place, and I would stock up on cheese products, too.


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