September 29, 2022

Temperature 79 Degrees, Overcast Skies with Light Rain

Goodbye Ian

If this is all that we have to put up with then we’ll be fine. That was what I was thinking early Wednesday morning. But by the afternoon things started going downhill very quickly.

By the afternoon we were literally an island with water surrounding the house on all sides. Thankfully, we sit high enough that it never got to the point of coming even close to getting into the crawl space under the house.

Then came the wind. Unfortunately, it was coming from the one direction we didn’t want it to come. It was coming in such a way that it was pounding the house on the side with the four windows. It battered the side of the house for hours. All was fine until two of the awnings began to break loose. Well, thankfully, my son Adam and his significant other Joanne were here with us. Hard to believe but in the midst of the storm out they went and took down the two awnings before they broke loose and did any damage.

But it was just getting started. Come Wednesday evening the winds had picked up to 50 mph with much higher gusts. And the rain came in sheets, one after another. The funny thing, through it all DISH never lost the signal. Well, Wednesday night was the worse in terms of wind and rain. We finally lost electric and water about 10 pm that night. Elvira to the rescue. We just moved right back in and fired up the generator. Thankfully, power and water were restored by 10 am Thursday morning.

The bottom line – we made it through with no damage to our house or property. Thanks to one and all who kept in touch with us and offered their words of encouragement and prayers. As I’ve said and I will continue to say, we are truly two of the most blessed people on the face of the earth.


  1. Glad you are all okay and no worse for the wear! Elvira comes through again! How on earth they got the two awning down in the midst of the storm is mind boggling! Hope the week ahead is uneventful!


  2. Glad you are okay. It was a devastating storm. I have camping friends in Fort Myers that lost everything—house, truck and camper. Those of us in the Sunshine State that survived unscathed can count our blessings for sure.


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