November 5, 2022

Temperature 82 Degrees, Overcast with Rain Showers

We Moved – Temporarily

Yup, we are back on the road again. A whole lot sooner than expected but that’s OK.

We’re still in Florida but a bit south and east from the house in South Bay. We’re at a really nice county park called South Bay Campground which is just about 4 hours from the house.

This is our new home until Saturday of next week. A nice spacious, level, paved site with FHU for under $30’s a night. Move closer to the coast and you find the price goes through the roof – like the starting rate for a site is usually around $95 per night!

To our amazement we practically have the whole place to ourselves. A good 50% of the sites are vacant. Granted, the campground is in the middle of nowhere but it is a jewel in all respects.

OK, we’re not completely alone. The canal behind us has been known to harbor some much unwanted visitors.

So, that is where we are but I guess everyone might be wondering Why?

Here’s the deal. My son called and asked if we could do him and his significant other a big favor. It seems that they were going to take two short vacation cruises that were going to cost them next to nothing. However, they needed some help with ground transportation.

They planned to fly into West Palm Beach and had a hotel room reserved and transportation already arranged for this leg. However, that was the end of their prearranged ground transportation. That’s were we come in.

Our first Uber assignment was to pick them at

the hotel they were staying at and take them to

Margaritaville by Sea. The cruise line has a Heroes Sail Free program that allows all active and veteran military, first responders, law enforcement officers and educators to sail free on a 3-day, 2-night cruise to Grand Bahama Island. Since my son is in law enforcement this was a win-win for him.

Our second Uber assignment would be to pick them up when they returned and then bring them back to stay with us for a night. Easy enough and we have the room, so to speak, in Elvira.

Our third Uber assignment would be to transport them from our place to

Port Everglades for a Royal Caribbean Cruise for 4 nights on Liberty of the Seas. What can I say, perhaps both of them should have enlisted in the Coast Guard since they seem to enjoy being on the water so much.

Wait, we’re not done.

Our fourth Uber assignment would be to fetch them when they return from the cruse and transport them to the airport at West Palm Beach for their return flight home.

Got all that?

Now, if we decided to stay at the house and pick them up when and where needed would have meant a minimum of a four hour trip – one way – each time. But, from here at the park it is no more than one hour for each trip. A big difference I believe you will agree. So, that is why we are where we are for this week.

That then is what we are doing for the next week. Sure is nice to be retired and available. Till the next time, take time to enjoy each and every minute that God gives you.


  1. That doesn’t sound like a bad assignment at all! I can enjoy any time away – even if it is in the middle of nowhere. It’s usually quieter, too. Have fun and Enjoy!


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