Moffitt Cancer Center

February 14,2023

Ms. Barbara’s Turn

This will be a Valentine’s Day we will forever remember. Today we’re gathering clothes, and other odds and ends and making final preparations for Barb’s kidney surgery tomorrow.

Today we’ll move to a Choice Hotel in Tampa since we have to be at Moffitt Cancer Center tomorrow by 5 am. We thought it would be best to be only 15 minutes from the hospital rather than an hour. Hence, to Tampa we go today.

Several months back a mass was discovered in Barb’s left kidney. Though they will not say until it is out whether it is cancer or not, all indications are that it is. Thankfully, it is small and appears to be completely contained in the one area of the kidney.

Her surgery tomorrow is scheduled for 7am and is expected to take between 3 and 4 hours. We’re both nervous but very confident that the outcome will be positive. There is no better team to deal with something like this than the team at Moffitt.

If you are reading this we ask for your prayers especially during the next couple of days. Our faith is strong and we are confident that God will carry us through.

God’s best and blessings to you.

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