May 2023

Tune Up Trip

Knowing that we would be going away for a couple of months later in the summer, I decided that a tune up trip was in order. A simple trip, just an hour away at the Escapees Park in Bushnell. This used to be our winter home when we first started our full-time life on the road.

While here we would also be able to visit our good friends, Dennis and Pam. We met them our first winter in Florida, here at this RV park. They now live in Ocala, Florida.

OK, as for the trip itself. It was a short drive with no unexpected surprises. Ah, but this was the only part of the trip that went well. This, and the trip home I might add. Which came rather quickly. The rest of our short stay, well what fun indeed!

First, regarding set up. I quickly discovered I’m a bit out of practice. Suffice to day, if it could go wrong it did. First, I hooked up our water hoses, turned the water on and watched the outside faucets sort of blow up! What’s the old saying water, water everywhere. I did what I could to staunch the flow temporarily since we needed water inside. Eventually I would have to run to True Value to purchase a new set of faucets.

Moving on to the sewer set up. I was so proud off myself, I made all the connections in a jiffy. So, I pulled the gray water valve open but no water flowed. Then I realized that I had left the caps on each section of hose in place. Oh boy. Closed the valve, pulled the sections of hose apart, took a bath in gray water, corrected the problem and now all was well.

It was then I got to spend a few contemplative minutes regarding the whole situation. I started backing up, tripped on something and found myself flat on my back starring up at the clouds. Ah, such lovely clouds. Wait, not lovely but evil looking. For months we’ve had nothing but ideal weather. That was about to end real quick.

In short order those evil clouds opened up and we had buckets of water raining down upon us. But not to worry, we were safe and dry inside. For the moment. But it was not going to last.

Come now to Tuesday. We had a wonderful visit with our friends. It was the highlight of the day. And about the only good thing that happened that Tuesday.

Tuesday, the thunder, the lightening, and the rain came again. However, all seemed well. Then we heard it. Drip, drip, drip. What! We had a leak, in front right over the passenger seat. We quickly put a bowel under that and tried to get back to playing cards. Wait, what was that? Drip, drip, drip. Now coming from behind us in the area of the shower. Oh my goodness we had another leak. The skylight in the shower was leaking as well. Thankfully, the rain ended before we turned in for the night. But the decision had been made. We were running for cover, going home the following day, getting Elvira in out of the rain under the port.

So, our week long tune up trip turned into a two day tune up trip. And were we ever glad to get home. We no more than got here and the rain came again. Ha! who cares Elvira is now safe and dry under the port.

Was the trip a success? You bet. It showed me a number of items I had to address before we leave in July. I’ve already begun to repair the leaks we discovered. And a number of other issues which came up in our short two days. Ah yes, RV life is always interesting. But come on, houses are no different. There is always it seems that needs to be addressed.

So, to all who own an RV – Go and RV boldly! The rewards are worth the issues that do crop up.

3 thoughts on “WAS THE TRIP A SUCCESS?

  1. Yes, I would say the trip was a success! Bill, this just shows how smart you are to have taken a tune-up trip. It’s not a matter of if something will go wrong/break. It’s a matter of when. So, this is great that you discovered these little bumps on the RV road while that road was not far from home. I know you’ll get everything taken care of before heading out in July. And the good part was you got to spend time with your friends! I like your attitude at the conclusion. As you stated, the rewards are worth it! It was good to see a blog from you again! Your writing style makes me smile!


  2. I need to adopt your attitude when it comes to problems with our travel trailer. I find the problems that crop up with it far more irritating than the ones that crop up with our house.


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