October 17th, Wednesday – The Ringling In Sarasota, Florida: The Circus Museum

I guess I must be getting older.  I mean after a day spent walking for over 6 hours was I ever sore.  So much so that I couldn’t really sleep last night.  I finally packed it in at 4 am and said good morning to a new day.  Hey, what’s the old saying If you don’t wake up with some aches and pains then you must be dead!  Trust me I can testify to the fact that I am very much alive!

So we’re going back to The Ringling tonight to visit another part of the complex.  This time we’re going to the Ringling Museum of the American Circus Museum.  Established in 1948, the Ringling Museum of the American Circus was the first to document the rich history of this phenomenally popular entertainment. And because in 1927 John Ringling had made Sarasota the Winter Quarters of the Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey® Circus, many of the performers moved to the immediate area. As a result of their generosity, the Museum’s collection of wardrobes and circus memorabilia quickly grew.














Today, the Circus Museum is also home to the newly restored Wisconsin. Worthy of the man called the “King of the Circus”, the Wisconsin is the railroad car on which John and Mable Ringling traveled across the country looking for feature acts that would keep audiences filling the seats of the big top.  This one is sure a bit bigger than the rig I drive!













There is of course so much more to see in this one building but there is simply not enough room for all the pictures.  Bottom line, it is a fascinating place to visit with new discoveries waiting around every corner.

As for today, we begin to piece together what will be needed for our satellite install.  It’s a bit more complex than I first thought especially since we want both TV’s to be able to use the satellite antenna at the same time.  Plus we want to be able to record TV shows as well.  Finally, we want to be able to use the existing wiring within the coach rather than having to run all new wiring.  We’ll get there it’s just going to take a bit more research and time.

We also spent a delightful two plus hours talking with our satellite installer who just bought a used Gulf Stream Class A and had tons of questions from driving it, to how to find campsites, to what were some trip planning web sites, and the list went on.  He and his wife got a bargain basement rig that they are renovating so that they can travel a bit and determine if they will for a fact like the RV lifestyle.  I wish them all the best and as Barbara and I told him, it is the greatest lifestyle around.

That then was our day on The Road of Retirement.  Excellent in every way.  A day to rest and recovery and get ready to go again.  And go again we shall.  Not quite sure when or to where but we have a hard time sitting still.  Before I go as always a thought for each of us to ponder:

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One thought on “October 17th, Wednesday – The Ringling In Sarasota, Florida: The Circus Museum

  1. That museum was also worth the price of admission. We loved the whole experience of our visit. Thanks for shaking loose a few memories from this muddled up brain.


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