October 19th, Friday – House Concert, Another First For Us

Yes, I know today is the 20th.  However, since we only got home yesterday at midnight the blog I decided would have to wait.  This morning I got up early to do it, but I just couldn’t stay awake.  Now then is the time to do it.

Yesterday was a first for us.  Our friends Dennis and Pam often attend what are called House Concerts.  In essence a musician  a small band, a singer/songwriter is invited to perform at an individuals house.  There is usually a nominal small cover charge with all proceeds going to the performer of the evening.

Last night they invited us to go with them to hear Rod Picott at a home in St. Petersburg.

Image result for rod picott

Seventeen years ago Rod Picott dropped his tool belt (he was a sheet rock installer), picked up an acoustic guitar and released his first album Tiger Tom Dixon’s Blues. The acclaimed debut put a nail in the coffin of his construction career and ignited his second career as a singer-songwriter.   The majority of the songs he writes center around the lives of working people and the losses, defeats and small victories that can come hard won in a calloused world.  Since Rod released his first album many more have followed.  He travels and performs throughout the year in both the United States and Europe.

The concert last night was held in a home in St. Petersburg.  The owner of the house and our host for the evening was a delightful woman by the name of Judy.  This is a picture of the room in which the concert was held.  It was intermission at this point in time.


One of the pieces of artwork that are throughout the home.


During intermission there was food and drink for all.


Judy’s husband’s hobby is making sculptures of birds from reclaimed furniture parts.


This was just the first of which we hope are many House Concerts that we will attend in the coming months.  We both had a wonderful time and we were so grateful to Dennis and Pam for asking us to go with them.

As for the day itself.  We tried to dump our gray tank only to find out that there is a problem with the sewer pipe underground in the campground.  In essence I pulled the handle to dump and it promptly backed up into our tank and also overflowed all over the ground.  Today it is being taken care of.  Come to find out there is a section that is completely clogged with roots.  That section will have to be cut out and replaced.

So that was our day on The Road of Retirement.  It was a wonderful and delightful day in every way.  Especially the evening entertainment.  Yet to us this is what the RV lifestyle is all about.  New experiences.  New discoveries.

Well, I sure can’t say goodnight since it is the middle of the day.  So I’ll just say check in with you later.  Have a great day and make the most of the moments that God gives you.

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