Jan 21st, Monday – Baby the Weather is Cold Outside; Two Days of Work Camping in the Books; Issues with the Heat Pump

Oh my has the bottom fallen out of the temperature.  OK, not as cold as some of you up north.  I feel for each of you.  But, when you wake up in Florida and the temperature is 38 degrees – you wonder to yourself if you have been secretly transported somewhere north during the night.  Then, add to that the sad fact that today you have to – ugh – actually get up and go to work by 8 am.  It’s a hard pill to swallow.

OK, it is going to warm up again.  When?  Good question.  Wednesday and Thursday morning are supposed to be more of the same.  And few if any really warm days are in the future for the next week or so.  What in the world is going on with our weather?  Ah the joy of the full-time RV lifestyle.  New experiences are around every corner.

Not helping the situation is the fact that we are having intermittent issues with the heat pump.  97% of the time it runs just fine.  But then it decides to have a hissy fit and not respond to input from the thermostat.   Unfortunately, it is not doing it consistently enough yet so that we can even hazard a guess as to what could be happening.  Thankfully, the propane furnace is still going strong.  We all know, though, that daily use of this monster will exhaust our propane within a week.  We do have an electric heater and it is great.  If necessary we’ll pick up a second from Wally World by the end of the week.

Work camping is something else.  Two days down and two more months to go.  What we have learned so far is:  this park is totally disorganized and there is no supervision.   Training?  Are you kidding me!  Maybe 15 minutes at best.  Then you are on your own.

The work is literally  a walk in the park.  Especially when there are no major weekend events.  When it is your turn you police the grounds.  Make sure the park signs are clean.  Open and close the main gate at the appropriate time.  Clean the three bathrooms.  Basically you must give them three hours a day, four days a week.  Again, that’s what is expected of you unless there is a major weekend event then it is all hands on deck.  Then you could end up working two eight-hour days.  Time off the following week?  Supposedly the answer is yes, but the jury is out on that from what I’ve heard from other volunteers.  Time will tell.

That’s been our journey up until now on The Road of Retirement.  We continue to travel along, side by side, singing our song.  We definitely have hitch itch and just can’t wait till the wheels on Graybeard are again rolling on down the highway.  Me, I’ve got it really bad but I’ll just have to be patient.  Yea, me, patient.  Don’t laugh.  I’m trying real hard to sit tight for just a bit longer.

Keep warm.  Make the best of each day that God gives you.  Remember no one day can ever be repeated so live each one, one day at a time, making the most of every minute.   Time to jump under the covers and get some shut eye knowing how 8 am is going to come real quick.  Before I go a thought for each of us to ponder:

Image result for inspiring quotes sharing an umbrella

As always,  if you are coming to the end of your day with concerns and worries, let me suggest that you turn them over to God.  After all, He is going to be up all night so why not let him handle them for you.

Time now for our evening prayers and eventually some shut-eye.  Till tomorrow.

These are the voyages of  Graybeard and it’s occupants, four paws and two humans.  Our continuing mission: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have not been before

See you on down the road

One thought on “Jan 21st, Monday – Baby the Weather is Cold Outside; Two Days of Work Camping in the Books; Issues with the Heat Pump

  1. Glad to hear the job is a walk in the park. Looked at the weather and looks like the temps will be in the 60s when we arrive. We’ll take it. Not what we think of when we think of Florida. Hope your heat pump continues to work.


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