Places We Have Called Home In 2019

Home Is Where We Park It:   UMOM New Day Centers, Phoenix 

Dec 12, 2019

Temperature 68 Degrees

Week Two, Day Four, Shelves, Doors, and Wrapping

Team Night Out – The Pita Palace

The nice, beautiful, cool, crisp mornings just keep coming one after another.  I can really get used to this.  In fact, I believe I have.

Regarding breakfast this morning, honestly, we both were still full from the night before.  Thus, a simple English muffin with peanut butter and strawberry jelly, a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee was more than enough.

Then we started singing our song, We Volunteered, we volunteered, so off to work we go!

What were we up to today?


Keith and Mark continued building shelves.  We kiddingly call this the Dairy Project telling the two of them that they are milking this project for all its worth!  As you can see, one section of shelves is up, they are now working on the second section.

In the same building


Myself, and the three amigos – beginning from the back, Anton, Bob, and Robin -finished touching up the walls and doors on the second and third floor of the main housing unit.

Then we come to the ladies on our team.


Barbara at one table


Debbie, Sandy and Kris at another table


As well as Leone and Carrie at yet another table were busy wrapping gifts.


I’d say they got quite a bit done.  There were these gifts ready to go


In addition to these bags and boxes.


More clothes came in so they also spent the day


sorting children’s clothes


as well as sorting and hanging men and women’s clothing.  This is just the beginning, next week it’s going to be all hands on deck for sorting toys and clothing!



Volunteer’s from Bank of America made and donated these and many other Ginger Bread Houses for the upcoming UMOM staff Christmas party.

Week Two, Day Four is in the books.  Everyone had a project or projects to do during the day.  Funny, just when we think we have nothing more to do something always comes up.  That’s just the way it is.  Really, we wouldn’t want it any other way.  We’re here to do.

This being Thursday it was time for Team Night Out.

Image result for pita jungle tucson

This was the place for supper tonight.  Would you believe I forgot to bring my camera?  Not to worry here are some stock photos of where we went.

Related image

Related image

Related image

It was a really neat restaurant so full of amazing creativity and artwork throughout the entire place.  The food was great and time with the team in a relaxing atmosphere was the icing on the cake.

That was our day on The Road of Retirement.  It was another full day from dawn to dusk.  We must admit, we’re sure glad we’re off now until next Monday.   Time to give sore muscles and aching backs time to rest.  But lest you think we’ll be doing nothing, perish the thought.  We have a number of projects to accomplish here at home.  We may even squeeze in a day of sight-seeing.

Thanks for tagging along with us today.  We always appreciate having you with us as well as reading your comments.  Catch you tomorrow.

These are the voyages of  Graybeard and it’s two intrepid travelers.  Our continuing mission: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have never been before

See you on down the road!








  1. Another good day in the books with much accomplished. That looked like a cool restaurant. Locally owned? Enjoy your weekend, whatever you two decide to do.


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