IMG_5643Places We Have Called Home In 2020

Home Is Where We Park It:   NOMADS Project, New Hope United Methodist Church

February 7, 2020

Temperature Who Cares We Were In A Hotel Room!

It Is Ours Now

We really weren’t too concerned about the temperature last night, we stayed in a hotel room!  Warmth at night and a hot shower in a huge shower stall.  It was nice but I’d rather be home in my own rig.

We were supposed to pick up our new LV at 10 am so there was no rush to get out this morning.  We went down and had some of the excellent breakfast supplied by the hotel.  Well fortified we got on the road.


We were headed north in the direction of Flagstaff.  No, we didn’t have to go that far.  We only had to go about fifteen miles north to the RV park.




Some more neat road art along the way.


Our exit.


Our destination.


There it was waiting for our arrival.  Yup, for now it’s name is it until Barbara can come up with something better.

We paid the balance of the agreed price, Jerry handed us the title and we were off to


Motor Vehicle to get our temporary AZ plates.  Based on past experiences in NJ we were dreading this stop.


Surprise, surprise within about forty five minutes Elaine called Barbara over to do the paperwork.  Then another fifteen minutes and we had our temporary plates.  We headed back now to put them on.

Sorry, forgot to take pictures while the slides were out.  But here are some with them in.


Front to back.


Back to front.


Barbara’s kitchen.

Paperwork and final inspection done we got on the road for the two hour drive back to Tucson.  It was a different experience to say the least.  Smooth, quiet, no issues merging into traffic, overall an enjoyable ride.  We’re looking forward to putting miles of smiles on it as we travel around this great country of ours.

Oh, we did have one issue.  Barbara almost ran out of gas with the car!  She pulled into some obscure gas station with the fuel light on and breathed a big sigh of relief.


This is where we left it for the next few days.  I’m having them flush the cooling system,  replace all the radiator and heater hoses, replace all the belts, lube the chassis and give the front suspension a good going over to make sure we’ll have no issues down the road.  It is after all a 2005 coach and some issues are to be expected.  I knew that going in.

That was our day on The Road of Retirement.  We’re excited, overwhelmed, and don’t know where to begin.  I guess we’ll follow the advice of a good friend of ours who once stated:  How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time!  We’ve made our lists and now it is time to get to work on checking things off one bite at a time.

Thanks for coming along with us today.  We always appreciate your company and comments.  Catch you tomorrow.

These are the voyages of  Graybeard and it’s two intrepid travelers.  Our continuing mission: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have never been before

See you on down the road!




  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! “IT” looks great and I’ll bet Barbara will cook up some delicious meals in that kitchen. So very happy for you both.


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