Places We Have Called Home In 2020

June 7, 2020

T minus 9

Temperature 82 Degrees

Worship At Our Home Church In Colts Neck, NJ

Crock Pot Lift Off

Which Route Should We Go With – If Any At All

Today was just another one of those beautiful days.  The sun was shining bright, the sky was clear but oh those winds again.  They were once again around 25/30 with much higher gusts.  When Elvira actually began rocking we decided it was time again to bring the satellite dish down.  The problem is the winds are coming from the SW which is the direction the dish is pointed.  That means the dish itself gets slammed full force with each gust.  Better safe than sorry.


We began the morning with worship at our home church in Colts Neck, NJ


Today was children’s Sunday.  This is a picture of the kids from one class that was taken sometime last year.

From the shelter of their own homes each was given a part to recite.  Each was taped and then played today in the proper order.

Each member of the Church School was also given a time to show the memory work and coloring work that they had done during the past weeks at home.


Pastor Debbie then shared a message from God’s Word.  She reminded us that the Bible is in essence a series of stories regarding God and Christ.  Stories of their encounter with people everywhere.  She then reminded us that each of us also has our own story of our encounter with Christ.  Furthermore, she reminded us that our story is one we need to share with all everywhere.  The story of how God in Christ found us, saved and redeemed us, and filled us with new life.  A good message to begin the week with.


After the message we had a time of communion.  We both appreciate the opportunity to join together with our church family in this way.


Pastor Scott then commissioned and charged us with the responsibility of going forth to tell the world of Jesus and His Love and our story of how that love has impacted our own lives.


Barbara decided after worship that today was crock pot day.  This is the first time she has used it.  What did she decide to make?  Chili!  It didn’t come out all that bad but since she followed their recipe it wasn’t really her chili.  She admitted that in the future she will follow her own instincts and go with what she has done in the past.  Me?  I’ll eat it until it is all gone.  After all it is chili and I love chili.

I decided to play around a bit with possible routes for 2021.


Route One going up the East coast.


Route Two going up the East coast.  Please, if anyone has suggestions for historical sights, attractions, roadside attractions or whatever they believe would be worth stopping to see let us know.  We’re always open to suggestions.  These routes are by no means cast in stone.

Once we leave PA we go over into Ohio and we’ll hook up with my son Paul and his wife, and we’ll do some travelling together.  Together we’ll go up through Michigan, up and over the top, and down into Wisconsin.  I believe at that point he’ll start moving back home to Ohio while we’ll begin the trek out west.


This was the first route I came up with.  The problem with this, however, is it puts us in Yellowstone in late August or early September.  Not a good idea in terms of the weather I discovered.


This is my next attempt at some sort of a route that will get us back to Yuma and then Congress for the winter.  Once again, if anyone has suggestions for historical sights, attractions, roadside attractions or whatever they believe would be worth stopping to see let us know.  We’re always open to suggestions.  These routes are by no means cast in stone.

There you have, our day on The Road of Retirement.  A good day again all the way around.  We have one more day of really pleasant temperatures and we intend to take advantage of them by taking a good old fashioned road trip on Route 66.  More about that tomorrow night.  Until then, time for me to say goodnight.


Thanks for your company today. We always appreciate having you with us and, likewise, we always appreciate your comments.  Until tomorrow.

These are the voyages of  Elvira and it’s two intrepid travelers.  Our continuing mission: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have never been before.

See you on down the road!


  1. We were back in church Sunday morning. Felt so good. Chili and crockpot and great together. Put together and forget. Whichever route you take I’m sure you’ll find things to do and places to see.


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