Places We Have Called Home In 2020

June 15, 2020

T minus 15 Hours

Temperature 91 Degrees

We’re Getting Ready to Go

The time to go is just about here.  We’re excited and glad to be back on the road again.  Yet, on the other hand we’ve grown comfortable with just being in one place.  All the more reason to get up and go.  That after all is why we live in a house with wheels.  We still very much believe in our motto: to explore as many new states as possible. . .to boldly go where we have never been before.

We’ve already finished a number of pre-road practices.  Barbara has organized the kitchen and living room.  We’ve put a number of items away already.  I’ve checked and adjusted the tire pressure for both Elvira and Little Graybeard.  The awnings are in and properly stowed.  The front window and wiper covers have been removed and stowed.  The tanks have been dumped, connections capped and the slinky stowed.  Since we’re not leaving super early tomorrow we can wait to  finish the rest of what we need until then.

The rest of the day

Mexican Train Dominoes Game in Tin

we played Mexican Train.  Finished, we packed everything back in the tin box they came out of.  Oh yes, once again I believe I could almost hear them crying Please don’t put us away!  Don’t worry my friends soon enough and you will be back out.

Lunch and supper were leftovers from the past several days.  No need to go making a mess of the kitchen once it had been completely cleaned.

That’s about it for our day on The Road of Retirement.  Oh, about that new griddle – the plug doesn’t get hot.  You want to know what we had for breakfast?  Eggs over easy and sausage.  I also had a small glass of V-8 and a nice cold glass of ice coffee.  Delicious and filling.  Time to go since I need some sleep before tomorrow’s drive.

In closing, we can definitely say this since as I continue to proclaim we are two of the most blessed and fortunate of all people.

Image may contain: text that says 'Help me brag on God for a minute If you have remained healthy and lacked NOTHING during this pandemic Say Lord I Thank You'

Thanks for stopping by today. We always appreciate having you with us and we especially enjoy your comments.  Until tomorrow when we’ll be at our new home.

These are the voyages of  Elvira and it’s two intrepid travelers.  Our continuing mission: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have never been before.

See you on down the road!



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