Places We Have Called Home In 2020

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Home Is Where We Park It:  Paradise Oaks RV Resort, Bushnell, Florida

October 1, 2020

Travel Day

We’re Home For The Winter

Boy oh boy, another really early morning for us.  We needed to be up no later than 6:30 am so we could move and they could use the bay we were parked in front of.  Our experience here has been nothing sort of fantastic.  They have treated us like royalty.  They finished the work yesterday around 3 pm but not wanting to drive in rush hour traffic we asked if we could stay one more night.  Not a problem they said.  We’ll just need you to move by 7 am tomorrow morning so we could use the bay.  So we were up early, hooked up by 8 am and on the road.

The first thing I noticed once we were on the road was how much better Elvira handled. The ride is really tight and precise.  Take your hands off the wheel and it tracks as straight as an arrow.  I’m really impressed.  A big bonus was that the actual price we paid was substantially less than what we were first quoted.  Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about Josam.  We’ll go back sometime later to have the air bags changed before we leave Florida.

The ride today was an easy one hour ride.  Traffic was light and there was nothing to slow us down all along the way.

Now, as to where we were headed that was the Sixty Four Thousand Dollar Question.  We really wanted to spend the winter at the Escapees Park in Bushnell but that was now out of the question.  We had been assured several months ago that we would have no issues getting a satellite signal in the site we had been assigned to.  Guess what?  Getting a satellite signal was totally out of the question.  Not to mention when we checked on the site on Tuesday it was a muddy mess.  To top it off, we found a large gathering of people at some type of function, no social distancing, and not a one wearing a mask.  We needed to find a new home.

 Since the Canadians aren’t coming this year two parks in the area had openings.  The one park we dismissed immediately.  It was nothing more than a huge parking lot right next to Walmart.

The second one, though, instantly became our favorite pick for our new winter home.

This is the park we picked.  It is absolutely beautiful.  Customer service is above and beyond a ten.

The magic gate that opens to let you in.  All the roads in the park are paved, wide, and so easy to navigate.

This is the registration office.  When we entered we were just interested in getting a site for the winter.  Instead, they offered us several in various price ranges.  Then, we were taken on a tour of each site and next we were taken for a tour of the complete park.

There are four hundred sites here, trails galore, a fitness room, a pool, a library, and the list goes one and on.  With all the trails I just can’t wait to get my bike over here.  We are in one of the purple sites straight down from the words Happy RV’ing.  We are far enough back that we can just barely here the train that is across the highway from the park.

They even have golf carts for rent.

The fountain that marks the beginning of our block.

Our block.  Empty now but we were assured by the end of the month it will be full.  Point of fact, we were just one of thirty four that came in today.

Here we are at our new winter home.  We’re on grass, the site is dead level, unfortunately there is no shade but we do have all three of our satellites.  We have a concrete patio and great spacing between our site and our neighbor.  It costs a bit more than we were planning to spend but we’ll tighten up in other areas and be all right.

This is a small park like place right across from us.

We’re home.  Now the running around begins to all kinds of doctors.  In addition, we have some more work to get done on Elvira.  Some work will be done here, other work we’ll have to go various places for.  All of a sudden life is getting hectic.

That was our day on The Road of Retirement.  Who would have ever thought that at the last minute we would have been able to find such a wonderful winter home in the sunshine state.  We, as I’ve said before, we are two of the most blessed and fortunate people on the face of the earth.  We’ll spend the next couple of days getting settled in.  I have a few projects that need attention.  Ms Barbara also has some projects that need attention.  We’ll definitely keep ourselves occupied.  Life is good.

Thanks for checking in with us today.  We always appreciate your company as well as your comments and suggestions. Keep safe, keep healthy, enjoy the days that God gives you.

These are the voyages of  Elvira and her two intrepid travelers.  Our continuing mission: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have never been before.

See you on down the road!




  1. Glad Elvira is running solid and you found a great park to settle in. Looks like a nice site. Is this the park just off Rt 301? Were you looking at Blueberry Hill next to Walmart? We have a friend that has a yearly site there. Why will you have the airbags changed? Enjoy your new home and good luck to Barbara.


    1. We had looked at Blueberry Hill also. Water plus electric was a separate charge. Paradise is on North Main Street, just north of the CVS just past WinDixie on the same side of the road. Changing the airbags because they are checking and cracking. We could go at least another year but figured why wait, get it done and over with before one lets go. Have a great day.


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