Places We Have Called Home In 2020


January 3, 2021

Temperature 69 Degrees

Morning Worship At Our Home Church

I Can Drive Forever

One More Trip Off Site

Goooooood Morning World!

We awoke to a cool, gray, rainy morning.  A far cry from the past mornings we/ve had to date.  Looking at the forecast going forward it appears our nice warm days are behind us.  We’re supposed to be in the 60’s during the day and the 30/40’s at night.  So long as there is no snow I’m a happy camper!


We began our Sunday as we always try to do and that is by joining in worship with our home church.


Pastor Debbi began with the call to worship.

Our first song.


Special music was provided by our church organist.


Pastor Scott’s morning message centered around the person of Herod.  He reminded us that he was a dangerous and difficult leader.  He was also ruthless and did everything he could to remain in power, including killing his own wife and children.  Yet, it was into this environment that God in Christ entered into our world.  He then reminded us that even so in the end the power of evil was no match for the power of God.  He then went on to say so today in these difficult and dangerous times the power of God’s love continues to shine.  He then challenged us amid the hatred and disrepect for one another that is all too visible today, to continue to find ways of our own to love God and especially to love our neighbor as ourselves.  A timely message if you ask me.


We celebrated the Lord’s Supper.

Our closing song and we were on our way.

My wife and I have this continuous discussion of at what age I should no long be alllowed to drive a large class A motorhome.  She stated that at the age of 80 I should hang up my keys.  Well, that’s why I’ve decided I’ll never get older than 70!  But it always helps to have a back up plan.


Now I have all my bases covered!

Time to begin packing up for one more off-site trip.  This time it will be for new slide toppers, new window and door awnings and a new patio awning.  It will be a short ride of only about thirty minutes.  However, since we need to be there by 9 am we’ll be on the road no later than 8:15 am.  Always good to leave a cushion of a few minutes.

That was our day on The Road of Retirement.  I puttered around outside putting things away, dumping tanks, checking tire pressure, and so on and so forth.  It will feel good going for a ride if only briefly.  Time now to enjoy a football game and start reading a new book.  Till tomorrow.

Thanks for checking in with us today.  We always appreciate your company, your comments, and your suggestions. Keep safe, keep healthy, live to the fullest the days that God gives you.

These are the voyages of  Elvira and her two intrepid travelers.  Our continuing mission: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have never been before.

See you on down the road!


  1. I’d say it was a timely message regardless of which party one supports. Share photos of your new awnings when completed. We replaced the main awning several years ago after the original one unraveled heading north on I95. Thanks be to God we were in the right lane. No other casualties. Enjoy your week.


  2. Your pastor had a very timely message! It is a hopeful message to help us all get through the coming weeks. Good luck with your rig’s updates. Enjoy your day!


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