Friday, October 22, 2021

Temperature 92 Degrees

Just Maybe

Could it really be fixed this time? Perhaps some of you may remember that for several years we have had an ongoing issue with our car that no one has been able to resolve.

In short, the issue is you fill it with gas, drive maybe 10 feet and it just dies. You start it back up and it repeats. This keeps happening again and again and then suddenly it just decides to run without a problem.

Well, several days ago the check engine light came on and now we finally had a code to work with.

The code indicated that this small purge valve was at fault. A new one was obtained and installed and the code was cleared. But was this finally the answer?

The big test was the following day when I filled the car with gas. I crossed my fingers and started the car. It idled without an issue. Then the real test, I pulled away from the pump expecting it to stall or run rough but it ran as smooth as can be. Maybe? I sure hope so but I’ll wait until I fill it a few more times before I will breath a big sigh of relief. Suffice to say, I’ve been down this road before. A part in the evaporate control system is replaced and it is fine for a week or two. Then it acts up again. We replace something else and it is fine for a week or two. Then it acts up again. After replacing this there is nothing else in this system to replace. So if this doesn’t finally fix it, time to look for a new car!

Other than the car life is good on The Road of Retirement. We’re keeping ourselves occupied with doing odds and ends around Turtle House. We’re also making plans for next year. Yes, life is good. God is good. We’re living life to the fullest one day at a time.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog.  We always appreciate your company, your comments, and your suggestions. Remember, take time to stop and smell the roses and live each day that God gives you to the fullest.


  1. Ugh. You have my sympathies. Few things are more frustrating than recurring car problems. We went through something similar with one of our vehicles several years ago. After numerous trips to the shop our problem turned out to be the fuel pump. Of course, we then went through 3 fuel pumps within the next 6 months. I hope this resolves your problem once and for all.


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