April 11, 2022

Temperature 70 Degrees, Overcast, Rain Showers

Marking Time

Time to make the call. The call to Sunshine Satellite to try and get an appointment to resolve our Dish issue. I had my fingers crossed hoping they could come today. But my hopes were quickly dashed like a ship going aground on a rocky shore. They informed me that the earliest they would be able to come out would be Tuesday afternoon. Hum, we were supposed to be leaving tomorrow morning. What to do?

Let’s check the weather again.

I checked the weather again and it sure didn’t look all that promising. The outlook begins to improve as of Wednesday and then gets gradually better as the week goes on. So adhering to the number one rule of life on the road – be flexible – I decided we would stay an extra day.

Which of course would give us the time to resolve our Dish issue. So I made the call and scheduled the appointment for Tuesday appointment. Now, time to call several RV parks we had reservations for in the coming days and push them out. Thankfully, they were all willing to work with me.

Now, remember I was told that no way can we get out today to look at your Satellite we are just absolutely swamped. At 1 pm we received a call that Justin would be at our site within the hour. Now how about that!

When Justin arrived he took one look up at our satellite antenna and said Why there’s your problem. Honestly, I had no idea of what he was talking about. He explained The eyeballs are not in alignment with the receiver. Sure. In essence the bracket that holds the eyeballs that receive the signal from the antenna and relay it down to the Dish receive had come loose and was just hanging loose. A couple of screws and the issue was resolved.

However, still no signal. Justin vowed that before he left all would be resolved. So, back on the roof he went. Within ten minutes we did indeed have a signal. This time the problem was a couple of corroded connections. The long and short of it is we now have our Dish service back in working order. And I now have a much better understanding of how the antenna actually works. As well as what type of maintenance has to be performed to keep this from happening again.

But we’re still leaving Wednesday. Which has me anxious and uptight. The real fun part of this trip doesn’t start till we get to Oklahoma City which won’t be now until Saturday. I’m finding it hard to wait. But wait I will have to. Nothing I can do about it. Bottom line, hard as it is to just mark time I believe we made the right call.

Time to watch some TV. Catch you tomorrow!


  1. It very much sounds like you made the right call to wait a day. Otherwise, you would have just brought those issues down the road with you which would extend your frustration and days without Dish tv. I am glad it is all resolved. It’s nice at the end of a busy day to sit down and watch our favorite shows. Safe travels!


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