April 13, 2022

Temperature 71 Degrees, Overcast, Strong Wind Gusts

Hop One of Three

We’re a day behind schedule. Did I say schedule? I’ve decided to throw it out the window and just roll with the punches. No sense getting uptight about what we can’t control.

We stayed an extra day in Summerdale to hopefully escape the worse of the weather to the west as well as to have our Dish antenna fixed. I must say it sort of worked. Oh, the Dish is working perfectly. But we’re not out of the woods yet in terms of the weather. More about that in a minute.

Today was the first of three overnight hops as we move toward Oklahoma City. That’s where the real sightseeing will begin. From that point on we have all kinds of wonderful excursions planned.

Today’s trip was a mixed bag. We left Alabama under overcast skies and moderate temperatures. Route 10 is a decent road and traffic was light for the first part of the trip.

We rolled into Mississippi and shortly thereafter traffic came to a complete halt. The highway was completely shut down due to an accident some six miles down the road. Thankfully, the highway was reopened within about forty five minutes and we were rolling again.

The next state was Louisiana. The only issue we had to deal with now were the wind gusts. Thankfully, they were coming from the back left corner so though we got pushed around a bit at times it was not a real problem.

Oh, and the good news. The price of fuel is beginning to come down. OK, it’s not back to nor will it ever be what it was a year ago but it is now under $5 in a lot of places. You just have to look for it.

In due time we were at our new home for the night. Again, this is just the first of three overnight stops. The first impression when pulling in was that this was a park that was lovingly cared for. And that impression carries over as you drive to your site.

Here is our new home for the night. It’s a level concrete pad more than long enough for Elvira and our car. We have 50 amp electric and that is all that we have hooked up.

So now we sit and wait. Remember our plan to outrun the weather? It sort of worked. Originally, the weather forecast was calling for severe thunderstorms, maybe a tornado or two and possible hail in this area. Now, the weather forecast is just calling for lots, and lots, and lots of rain tonight. With maybe a thunderstorm or two thrown in. Not the best but a whole lot better than first forecast. And from here on it only gets better.

That was our day on The Road of Retirement. Not a bad day at all. We’re looking forward to more of the same as we journey on. I’ve said it before and will continue to say it we are two of the most blessed people on the face of the earth.

Thanks again for stopping by today  It’s always great to be able to share our story with others. Comments? Feel free to share them with me. And always remember, cherish each day that God gives you and live it to the fullest.

Our continuing mission remains the same: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have not been before


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