April 14, 2022

Temperature 79 Degrees, Abundant Sunshine

Hop Two of Three

Oh did it rain last night. And the thunder. At least that’s what Ms. Barbara told me. I was up for maybe the first 30 minutes and then slept through the rest of it. I guess I was tired.

Today was a whole different story. We awoke to moderate temperatures and abundant sunshine. So with only the electric to disconnect, slides to bring in, and jacks to raise we were soon on our way. We initially hit a bit of traffic but nothing too terrible. The roads were a mix of good and bad. We also had some construction zones to contend with – you know the ones with the barriers right up against the white line on the right. And of course trucks continue to zip by you on the left. I just hold my breath and give a silent prayer of thanks when they end.

One of the new toys I installed before I left home was a dash camera. I’m finding it very helpful to have a record of the journey as well as video’s of the various RV parks we’ve been in. Regarding the journey, today we were completely run off the road by some clown in a rented RV who was blazing down the road weaving from lane to lane. At the last second I caught him out of the corner of my eye and was able to get to the shoulder in time. Otherwise, this trip would have come to a really early end.

So where are we?

The road home, meaning the road from the entrance into the park. This is another really nice RV Park. Well kept, great roads, evidence everywhere that it is well taken care of. The park is packed but my guess is by the amount of auto traffic that came in between 4 and 5 pm, the majority of those here are full time residents.

This is our home for tonight. We have a pull through with a great gravel base that is reasonably level. They had the same rain here last night as we did so the area around the site is a bit soggy. It’s sort of like walking on a wet sponge.

We got in early enough so I hooked up the water so we could do some cleaning inside as well as take showers ourselves. Ah, that shower really felt good.

The Good News is the bad weather now appears east of us. So, from this point on we’re expecting sunny skies but probably some colder temperatures. That’s why we brought our winter duds. We figured at some in time in the early going we were going to need them.

Tomorrow we head to Texas and then to Oklahoma. Mile by mile every state is possible.


  1. Looks like a nice park. We don’t have a dash cam, but my hero Clark Howard recommends them. Glad you made it there safely. And glad you had a solid night’s sleep. We head out in 5 days. 🙂 Safe travels!


  2. Looks like a well kept park. A rented RV with an inexperienced driver that is overconfident. That can be a dangerous combination. Glad you’re safe.


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