Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Temperature 76 Degrees, Abundant Sunshine

Travel Days, Moving Toward our Sticks & Bricks Home

September 12th

We left Olive Branch Campground and headed south toward our overnight stop. Once we were on the road I was reminded very quickly of the rolling hills in this part of the country. None, though, were a real challenge for Elvira. I left the cruise control on and she handled every hill with ease. And still gave us a respectful 8 mpg.

This is where we stopped for the night. It was just a short distance off the highway which made it really convenient. We had a pull-through site which was reasonably level and electric was easy to access. I didn’t see the need to hook anything else up since we were only staying a night.

September 13th

Decisions, decisions, decisions. The big one for the morning, cook breakfast in Elvira or go to Cracker Barrel to eat? Since Cracker Barrel had a big, empty parking lot behind the restaurant I guess you can figure out what won out! Ms. Barbara preordered our breakfast, we moved into their parking lot, she then went in to pick it up and brought it back, and we had a wonderful breakfast before getting on the road.

Once on the road it was more of the same, rolling hills for mile after mile. Some, though, a bit more steep then others. Still, Elvira never flinched. She did get a bit warm in terms of water temperature but nothing even close to be being a cause for concern.

Needing fuel we picked our stop carefully, it had to have either a Wendy’s or a Subway. This time it was Wendy’s! Thus we were able to refuel both the rig and ourselves.

Back on the road it was only about an hour and we saw the entrance to .

our next stop for the week. We will probably be here for 2 to 3 days but no more. We hope to have a mobile RV tech come out and figure out what is wrong with the slides. If he doesn’t make it, then we’ll have the issue addressed when we get home.

Our new home for the time being. It is a back in, has a good gravel base, a bid low in the back but nothing the jacks can’t correct, and the utilities are all right at hand. Like so many other parks it is mostly empty. There are a few full time residents here and there but since it is after Labor Day and kids are back in school not many people are out and about.

At first we couldn’t find a spot where Albert could lock on to the satellites. So, I moved the car back to the front of the driveway, put Albert on the roof, and now he is a happy camper locked on to all three satellites!

Our plan as of now is to stay here through Thursday and get back on the road on Friday. The mobile RV tech was supposed to be out today but we got stiffed – due to scheduling difficulties. Like I said, if he doesn’t make it by tomorrow we’ll have the issued with the slides addressed when we get home. We just know we can’t turn the one light on or all the slides will start to move again.

That then is where we are at on The Road of Retirement. Life is good, we are blessed beyond measure, and as of now we’re just sitting back and relaxing and trying to get over our summer colds.

Thanks again for spending some time with us.  It’s always great to be able to share our story with family and friends. Comments? Feel free to share them with me. And always remember, cherish every moment of every day that God gives you and live those moments to the fullest. 

Our continuing mission remains the same: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have not been before.


  1. Good decision going with Cracker Barrel. I would have gotten a to go order of biscuits with a side of gravy for the next morning. I hope your mobile tech shows up. Safe travels.


    1. Yup, biscuits and gravy came home with me! Tech did show up but we could not duplicate the problem. Figures. I do know that one control board will need to be replaced so that is on the “to do list” when we get home. Have a great day.


  2. Sounds like things are moving right along! I wonder how you realized it was that light that causes issues with the slide. If it wasn’t such an inconvenience, it would be funny. Can’t you just see it happening in a movie? In any case, I sure hope you get it fixed soon. Your site looks very nice, and what could be better than breakfast at Cracker Barrel? Safe travels!


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