Saturday, September 17, 2022

Temperature 81 Degrees, Abundant Sunshine

Travel Days – But First A Dose of Frustration

September 14th – A Frustrating Day

Well, the RV tech finally made it to us. Of course I couldn’t get the slides to move no matter how many times I turned the light switch on. I also shared with him what I had discovered regarding the root cause of this issue – the slide controllers had to have their own dedicated grounds coming from the negative post of the battery. And I asked him to run one. Needless to say he just sort of dismissed that idea and then proceeded to spent two hours trying to duplicate the problem with no success. He finally threw in the towel stating that he could find no reasonable reason for the slides to be moving on their own. The only thing accomplished was my wallet was now a bit lighter. And I was totally frustrated.

Come next day we sat down to supper, I flipped the light switch on, and in came the slides! Bottom line, I’ll have to resolve the issue myself. Meaning, with the help of my friend Isaac we’ll run the necessary ground line this winter.

September 16th – Travel Day

Come Friday and it was time to move on. My first choice for our next stop was on our way and I thought it would be perfect. Guess what? They would not accept any rigs that were older than ten years. This is the first time I’ve encountered this in our five years of wandering around this great country.

My next pick I had absolutely no problems. It was a bit out of the way but not by much. It is the Hoover Met Complex RV Park. There are 170 sites, all pull-through and all with full hook up. Now, this is not your normal RV Park. This is literally a huge parking lot that has been divided up into separate RV sites, utilities located in-between every two sites. The picture above will give you some idea of what I’m talking about. It sits adjacent to the Hoover Met Complex which is a combination of Hoover Met Stadium that is home to SEC baseball and High School Football as well as a huge state of the art facility that hosts trade shows, luncheons and concerts. I wouldn’t want to spend a month here, but for a couple of days while passing through the region it is great.

Our trip there was an easy one. I will say, however, I’m going to have to get use to East Coast traffic again. Especially the truck traffic. In spots as we came down it was awful. And they don’t slow down for anyone. But other than that we had no issues whatsoever.

The RV Park was easy enough to locate using our GPS. The one thing we forgot about coming here is that it is in the Central Time Zone. As is our next stop,. The internal body clock is sort of out of kilter today because of that.

Our new home for the next couple of days.

This gives you a better idea of what I mean about the utilities between every two sites. One comes in one way, the second comes in the other way and everything is on the correct side.

The car just fits in a little nook in the back and Albert again sits on top of the car.

This is why I picked this site, the large green space immediately across from us. A great place for Proton to take me on my daily walks!

A look down our row. I would estimate that the Park is just about full.

So, we are in and settled. Tomorrow we’ll see some friends who we last saw almost three years ago in New Mexico. Then, the following day we’ll be back on the road again.

So that is where we are on The Road of Retirement. Soon enough we’ll be back in our sticks and bricks house and Elvira will be tucked away in her port. At that time we’ll do a deep clean on Elvira, do some upgrades, make some repairs and start to plan for our next road trip. We are far from done in terms of travel. More trips to come, more miles to cover. As long as the good Lord grants us our health we’ll keep on rolling along.

Thanks again for spending some time with us.  It’s always great to be able to share our story with family and friends. Comments? Feel free to share them with me. And always remember, cherish every moment of every day that God gives you and live those moments to the fullest. 

Our continuing mission remains the same: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have not been before.


  1. Life is always interesting! Did you write a review for the Mobile RV tech? I can understand why you are very frustrated. You are fortunate that you have the brains to figure out the problem and to fix it yourself. Regarding the 10 year rule – That STINKS! There are lots of snobs in the world, and I sure don’t want them as friends. It’s their loss as far as I’m concerned. I can see turning someone away if the rig looked too junky, but yours looks like new to me! You do have a nice end spot at your current campground. We were lucky at Grand Teton and Yellowstone to be on the edge/end spot of the campground, and it was really nice! Enjoy your time with your friends. I am so glad to hear you have lots of travel days in the future. You and Barb are in my prayers every day. We all need help from above to stay safe and healthy. Safe travels, and have a great day!


    1. The funny thing is, the same RV Repair facility did right by my son. That’s why I picked them. Should have known better. Isaac and I will get it taken care of this winter. He’s great with electrical. We’ll run a ground and be done with it. Yea, can you imagine, not even a chance to send a picture. Just, sorry nothing older than 10 years old. Oh well, their loss. Yes, we’ve talked quite a bit about it and we both decided we really don’t want to give up our travels any time soon. So, we’ll begin making plans as soon as we get home for next year. Thanks for your prayers, you and Dan are also in ours. Have a great weekend.

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  2. Oh my! We’ve encountered the 10 year rule before. They would make the reservation, charge us, and then said “if we pass inspection upon arrival” we can stay. If not, they would refund but that can take a while. Like you, we opted for elsewhere.


  3. What a disappointment! Spending all that money and not getting anywhere! I have heard that some places that have the 10 year rule will wave it if you send them a picture of your rig showing that it is in good shape. I don’t know if that would’ve worked in your case. We are at an River River RV park in Guntersville, AL and can highly recommend it.


    1. Not even a chance to send a picture. But hey, it worked out OK. We like where we are. As for the slides, it was frustrating but I guess I should have known better. I’m sure he thought, I’m the expert and so discounted what I discovered. It’ll get sorted out in time I’m sure. Have a great day!

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  4. We had run into a few that had the 10 year rule, but they asked for pictures of our unit then approved us. I can see if ppl have a bucket of bolts which is rusted, falling apart that they would refuse, but alot of 10 year old units still look very good. Enjoy your time and stay safe.


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