Places We Have Called Home In 2020

Home Is Where We Park It – Escapees North Ranch, Congress, Arizona

April 30, 2020

Temperature 92 Degrees, A Rather Cool Day

Rocky the Frog

Rest In Peace #1, Thanks For Picking Up The Load #2

A Few Minor Projects

Pizza for Supper

It worked! I mean it really worked.  The Reflectex in the front windshield.  Normally, by 8 am in the morning with the sun directly on the windshield the inside temperature in the cockpit area would be well over 100 degrees.  Today, the temperature in the front never went over 90 degrees and as the sun moved a little to the west it quickly came down into the 80 degree range.  It may not sound like much but it made a big difference in keeping the living room of Elvira cool and comfortable.

Our breakfast today was simple but good.  We had scrambled eggs, fried spam, a glass of orange juice and a couple cups of coffee.  It was just what was needed to get the morning off to a great start.

The last few days we simply could not get our number 1 AC unit to run for any length of time.  It would come on and run for about fifteen minutes and then turn off.  It repeated this over and over again.  This morning the tech from Arizona Auto and RV Tech came out to do a bit of sleuthing and figure out what was wrong.  It didn’t take him long to figure it out – the compressor was no longer working.  Rest in Peace Unit Number 1.  Time for a new AC.  Here’s the kicker, Dometic the maker of the old and the replacement unit is closed and is not fulfilling any orders.  But, we lucked out – sort of – the dealer was able to find one replacement unit, however the shroud is black.  Would we accept it?  With this heat expected to continue for a couple more weeks you bet we will!  It will be installed either tomorrow or Monday.  Yipee!

A big shout out before I forget to AC Unit Number 2.  The last couple of days it has been running like a champ.  It has kept the worse of the heat at bay.  I just hope I haven’t jinxed things by giving it a pat on the back.

A couple of simple projects today.


When I was putting the new washers on the sink I noticed a couple of spots where it looked like water had gotten in under the lip of the sink.  Today, I ran a clear bead of caulk all around the lip of the sink.


There was a spot outside our bathroom where the grout had come out between the floor and the wall.  I dug out the remainder of the grout and ran a bead of caulk in that area.  That should keep any water or whatever from getting in there, for instance, when I wash the floor.

Time to go set some pizza for supper.


On the way to Yarnell to pick up pizza we came upon Rocky The Frog.  Here is what I learned about him:  Directly in front of you, heading up Highway 89 out of Congress, you may catch a rather stone-faced amphibian in your field of view. He sits perched atop a hill, waiting patiently for the occasional fly or, perhaps, Volkswagen Beetle.

Bright green and spotted, the enormous frog has sat there since the 1920s, when there wasn’t much more to do in the area than there is today. It was the inspiration of Sara Perkins, a legislator’s wife, and her two boys, who were the original artists to clamber up the hill and decorate the 60-ton rock.

At the time, Highway 89, which passes within tongue’s reach of the big guy, was the major route between Phoenix and Prescott. As such, the enormous greenback proved to be a popular roadside diversion in an otherwise desolate area—much to the benefit of the Perkins family, who owned a nearby service station and tourist attraction called the Arrowhead.

Today the lovable amphibian still crouches above 89, as bright as ever.  He’s become a sort of community project and local mascot. After all the Perkinses had either croaked (no pun intended!) or moved away, custodial duties were assumed by a succession of locals daring enough to perform touch-ups. The most recent was Rose Mary Goodson, an artist who, even at 76, would schlep an extension ladder and three gallons of paint up the craggy incline. Hey, it ain’t easy being green.


One of the recommended places for pizza in this area.


The stores unofficial greeter.


The way in.


Who is that masked woman?  Barbara said when you go in you find your order waiting for you on a small shelf.  No human contact.  Imagine that.


Two personal pan pizzas and an order of hot wings.  The wings were fantastic, the two pizzas were OK.  We’ll keep looking while in the area for another pizza shop.


Supper and projects finished it was back to Mexican Train.  Our game kept us occupied for the reminder of the afternoon.  It was a great way to pass the time and it helped me to forget that today was supposed to be our moving day.  Have you figured out yet that I’m anxious to get on the road again?  Oh yea, I’m ready for a change of scenery.

That was our day on The Road of Retirement.  We had another great day despite the heat.  We’re still cool and comfortable.  Another day or two and we should be even cooler and much more comfortable once the new AC unit is installed.  Hey, as my sister reminded me today it is only money!  Better yet we’re still far short of the $246,000 that a new Kountry Star costs today.  And by the time we’re done, it will be a new unit for far less than a new unit.  I like that.

Food for Thought.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Some of us want to reopen, putting money before life. I've been broke before, but I've never been dead before. #REALTALK @ecaliofuitkemefoztile'

Hey, it was great having you with us again today.  Always appreciate your company and your comments.  Keep safe.  Wear that mask.  Wash those hands.  Till tomorrow.

These are the voyages of  Elvira and it’s two intrepid travelers.  Our continuing mission: to explore as many new states as possible, to seek out new acquaintances and make new friends, to boldly go where we have never been before.

See you on down the road!




  1. Glad to hear you’ll have an A/C that will work. Sitting inside at 80-90 degrees isn’t pleasant. That rock really does look like a frog!


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