September 30, 2021

Temperature 89 Degrees

Off Into The Sunset

What a wonderful night we had last night. The three of us played a variety of card games until the wee hours of the morning. We had so much fun. I mean, we laughed so hard at times that the tears were streaming down our cheeks. We’ll remember this night for a long time to come.

Come dawn’s early light we were definitely moving slow. There were, however, a few small items that needed to be taken care of.

There was our signature turtle which needed to be mounted on the front of the house. Adam had it mounted within about fifteen minutes. Which now begs the question, do we still call our home Elvira’s Roost? Or shall it now be known as The Turtle House? We’re not sure what name we are going to pick. Time will tell.

Then Adam mounted our plaque on the wall in the living room. We’re thinking of hanging other pictures around it. But quite truthfully, I like it just as it is, the center of attention on the wall.

All planned projects have now been completed. Adam’s week of vacation is over. Which means the time has come. It is time for him to head back to West Virginia.

Time to get the last few items in the truck.

Time to say our goodbyes.

Then he rode off into the sunset. He has a sixteen hour drive ahead of him and he will probably drive straight thru stopping only for a nap or two along the way.

What can I say? We had an absolutely fantastic week together. The house already seems so empty without Adam’s presence. Times like this with family are the most precious in the world. We are already looking forward to his next visit. I’ve also heard we’re going to be having a lot more company in the coming months. Bring it on!

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog.  We always appreciate your company, your comments, and your suggestions. Remember, take time to stop and smell the roses and live each day that God gives you to the fullest.


  1. I don’t even know Adam, but I already like him! God bless him for being such a loving son. I like your “signature turtle”; it is the perfect house decoration for you and Barb. We really enjoy playing games, too, and the best part is the laughing! I truly believe all that laughing makes a person feel good for days! Enjoy the rest of your week!


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